It's high time film heroes quit politics


The inglorious defeat of Pawan Kalyan should be a lesson for the other film artistes who live in the illusory world of megalomania, anoint themselves...

The inglorious defeat of Pawan Kalyan should be a lesson for the other film artistes who live in the illusory world of megalomania, anoint themselves as leaders of the masses and aspire to nothing less than chief ministership.

Film artistes like Pawan and Prakash Raj should not compare themselves with eminent thespians like NT Rama Rao who launched the TDP when there was huge political vacuum and spacing.

Further , NTR was a legendary film artiste with irresistible fame and popularity among both the educated and the masses. Pawan Kalyan is no comparison to him.

Further, Pawan failed to realise that consolidation of a political party and carrying conviction with the masses as a leader is not like making a movie and donning the robes of a hero.

After all , nowadays, any Tom, Dick or Harry can become a star provided he enjoys the patronage of movie moghuls of his caste. Pawan should know that leader-based parties with no scope for second leadership do not prosper.

Pawan's sudden tirades against TDP and the BJP carried no credibility and his Jana Sena had the misfortune of being pilloried as TDP's ''B'' team. Jana Sena is not a political party born out of discontent and frustration of masses with a corrupt political dispensation like the TDP.

The Jana Sena failed to present a definite ideology and a well-defined agenda. It has failed to offer the masses a vision of change and deplorably failed to prove its capability to connect with the masses and dismantle abstract ideas into graspable actions.

It has , as many critics and analysts comment,'' His political naivety and over-vaulting ambition only to occupy the CM's gaddi stood in utter contras to his image of a good Samaritan on the silver screen , mouthing high decibel sermons and making the impossible possible within a few minutes.

His demagoguery laced with innuendos and sarcastic punches often smacked of a histrionic attempt rather to play to the gallery and mesmerise the cine crazy teenagers than to commit himself to definite ideals and goals practicable.

Besides, one wondered whether his dependence on the social net work could be a substitute for contact at the grass root level. He failed to realise that the adulation of his fans would not transform into massive votes.

Above all, the actor-turned politicians should realise that the masses just attend their political campaigns just out of curiosity to see them but not to elect them as their representatives.

They are ,in fact, in favour of those candidates who can address their basic needs such as employment, healthcare, food shelter and end corruption in every walk of life etc.

As such, the film stars should keep away from the political field and stop living in their world of illusions.

Sahithi K, Kakinada

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