Linking social media sites with Aadhaar vital

Linking social media sites with Aadhaar vital

It is indeed a welcome move by the BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay to have filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India

It is indeed a welcome move by the BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay to have filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to link social media sites like Facebook and Twitter with Aadhaar so as to ascertain whether one holds the original account or not.

One of the major issues the social media facing now is millions of fake accounts and these fake accounts are being used for spreading fake news and for peeping into private lives by establishing friendship with unknown persons.

Apart from spreading fake news, the so-called bogus account holders try to make friendship with women irrespective of their ages in order to chat with them and obtain their private details including pictures to be used for the commercial and other purposes.

It is well known that men, who are morally weak,try to entice married women and school/college girls by sending them messages privately.

The Facebook Messenger is the one among many channels through which they carry out their evil plans.

Personally speaking, I know some cases in which marital relationships have been broken and thousands of cases are being filed for divorce due to the bad impact of Facebook especially Facebook Messenger on personal lives.

Social media propagates only a virtual world, wherein people post photos and videos of their activities and update their present status every second.

Even the photograph of a husband and wife together posted by them on the social media is intended to show that they are happy couple. But, in actual sense, they are not so.

Unfortunately, those who see these photos may tend to think that the couple is so happy and such happiness is missing in the reader's life. This frustrating feeling creates unhappiness and divisions in family relationships.

Another flipside of the use of social media is that it tries to restore old ties between man and woman and it also restores old friendship especially between lovers.

The relationship once forgotten forever comes alive and sweet memories again binds them together through the chain of the social media. So, here the social media become the villain.

Ultimately, it is we who have to exercise our prudence in such important matters and furthermore, we have to make use of the social media for our peaceful and prosperous life.

Dr Binu Daniel, Dusseldorf, Germany

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