Mocking intellectuals does not bode well for democracy

Mocking intellectuals does not bode well for democracy

When intellectuals and celebrities like Adoor Gopalakrishnan numbering around 50 have rightly expressed anguish and concern over the unabated ...

When intellectuals and celebrities like Adoor Gopalakrishnan numbering around 50 have rightly expressed anguish and concern over the unabated incidence of lynchings of minorities across the country in the name of "Jai Shri Ram" through a joint letter addressed to the Prime Minister urging him to do something to stop the violence of frenzied communal elements , it is unfortunate and disheartening to see BJP leader B.Gopalakrishnan of Kerala to talk brazenly in support of religious intolerance displayed by the die hard communalists by way of asking the internationally acclaimed film director Adoor to go to the Moon if he cannot bear the slogans like Jai Shri Ram.( Book me a room on the Moon: Adoor & Minister heckles Muslim legislator- THI, July 27).

The BJP leader of Kerala and the Minister who heckled Muslim legislator need to realise that the signatories of the letter and for that matter Indian Muslims are only against the brutal attacks on minorities in the name of Lord Ram and are in no way against Lord Ram or the values and principles promoted by Him.

Obviously, nobody has any right to find fault with any Hindu if he/she chants " Jai Shri Ram " while worshipping the God or participating in religious events or during the course of his/her religious way of living.

But, it will certainly be tantamount to abusing the name of Lord Ram if minorities are harassed and traumatised to chant the name of Lord Ram where lynchings of innocent people are taking place at regular intervals. Are the people of this great country becoming more and more intolerant to make the diverse culture of the Nation unsustainable?

Verily, the mobs who are killing the innocent people in the name of Lord Ram are doing the same against the will of their own God. Does Lord Ram endorse and appreciate violence that is going on now in His name?

It is nothing but foolhardy to spread the ideals of Lord Ram by imposing His name on the people of other faiths and religions by using violence and force which would certainly amount to Lord Ram being denigrated by his own devotees.

The life of Lord Ram never teaches us to imbibe negative qualities such as animosity and hatred towards others on the basis of caste, class and religion. Do we like our Hindu brothers and sisters in Pakistan to be forced and intimidated to chant the Slogans praising Allah ?

Let better sense prevail upon us while dealing with the religious sentiments of Minorities. Let us not bring religion everywhere especially in politics and governance where we should debate seriously , legislate judiciously and govern efficiently to upgrade and improve our living standards.

Ruling class needs to know that whipping up religious sentiments by skipping livelihood issues will certainly boomerang in due course if not immediately . All people cannot be fooled always.

At least now, the lynchings in the name of "Jai Shri Ram" should be dealt with sternly. The PM needs to view the letter of celebrities in right perspective and do much more than what he did hitherto in this regard.

Everything possible should be initiated in terms of prevention, remedy and punishment. People need to raise their voice against these heinous crimes instead of being the mute spectators.

Police personnel of deliberate inaction who aid and abet the frenzied mobs shouldn't be spared and should be taken to task. Perpetrators of the crime shouldn't be glorified as heroes and should be brought to justice by fast tracking the judicial process.

Now, the ball is in the court of the Prime minister and he will certainly be capable of making lynchings a thing of past if he acts stubbornly and sincerely in order to enable democracy to eclipse mobocracy.

Raveendra Babu Narne, Hyderabad

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