MyVoice: Views of our readers - 01 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 01 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 01 Dec

Pay attention to ryots

Despite various efforts from Central government to improve GDP, Q2 GDP growth hits 6-year low of 4.5%. Measures such as cut in corporate tax and merger of stressed banks are yet to bear fruits ("GDP growth falls to 4.5% in Q2", The Hans India, Nov 30).

Union government just cannot paper over the cracks by increasing government spending to maintain GDP numbers which otherwise looked much weaker.

Agriculture, which is the primary sector of the Indian economy, contributes least to the GDP compared to other sectors but it employs the most.

Unfortunately, this sector seems left out in the cold because of the lack of scientific methods. Government paying heed on the farmers' needs is the need of the hour.

Vinayaka M, Bengaluru

Afforestation is a must

There have been two different reports from the media, one on a tragic earthquake in Albania and another one about flooding conditions in Kenya.

First off, the unfortunate Albania earthquake has a strong lesson for all across the international community. Still, the layering of Mother Earth has been prone to volcanic and volatile conditions that are about to occur anytime.

Also, being blamed is the fact that the rigorous deforestation activities and the rapid urbanization process have been eating into Mother Nature.

The Kenya flooding has clearly proved beyond doubt that African countries like Kenya are more likely to have good rainfall like this.

More to the point, beautiful mountains and the Great Rift Valley are only adding to the possibility and likelihood of attracting more rain from the heavens.

So, it is very crucial for the whole African continent to protect the natural vistas intact and go for a massive green drive across the region through sensible measures like tree plantations.

Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai

A real tear- jerker!

Thanks to your paper for bringing the common man's onion to headline and front page (Onion prices leave common man tears, THI 1 December).

For more than a month, the price on the head of Maharashtra MLAs was more important for elite media than common man's concern for high cost of vegetables. However, when I was talking to someone within our about high price of poor man's onion, he said in an era of everyone carrying costly mobile phone, even poor are least bothered about high onion price.

PM Modi who often claims that he has endured poverty very closely has not bothered to take some proactive steps to ask the concerned ministry to rein the prices. It is the same PM who used his special powers to install Fadnavis as CM in an early morning political coup.

The other national party is involved only in symbolic protests instead of buying onion in wholesale and selling them at affordable price to common man.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Police should get proactive

The findings of the National Commission for Women as regards the most atrocious murder and burning of the innocent Dr Priyanka Reddy are perfectly in order.

The police department should come out of the age-old jurisdiction angle in attending to crime cases and lodging FIRs as there is tremendous internet connectivity between all police stations.

Every P S should first receive the complaint in system irrespective of jurisdiction and automatically it should be sent to concerned jurisdiction without any delay.

Further the police dept should keep up its assessments regarding any missing complaints to itself without inconveniencing the people who come for lodging complaints.

Murders / accidents will not inform and come but they just happen. It is the duty of the police dept to compulsorily monitor all secluded roads / areas during the night time without fail.

Just like in U S A the important police phone no's should be prominently displayed on banners for every km of distance on roads/ highways etc. It should be remembered that in all accidents / murders etc there is certainly laxity on the part of police dept too.

Crimes cannot be prevented - no doubt but then should the crimes go unchecked killing people --- until how long ?

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

Mindsets need to change

The barbaric act of sexually assaulting and burning alive thereafter of a lady veterinary doctor comes as a rude shock and we should bow our heads in shame for such incidents (Growing angst against killers shakes Shadnagar, November 30).

One gets doubt about women safety in rural and remote areas, when such violent deeds are carried out fearlessly in metro cities despite governments' repeated claim that girls have improved a lot through education and employment.

All this prove that empowerment of women will be reality only through change of mind set of society that should start from home and mere laws alone cannot put an end to the menace.

Nevertheless, various departments such as media, movies, politics should stop spreading hatred in the society and strive towards strengthening humanity.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Hang the rapists

The mass and the media are once again crying hoarse that a re-play of the gory spectacle of Nirbhaya of December 2012 was unwound in the gang-rape cum killing of a veterinary doctor on the outskirts of Shamshabad town in the dark hours of last Thursday.

Had an effective deterrent and exemplary punishment of execution by hanging been promptly meted out to the culprits in the Nirbhaya case, the society could have been in a better position by now and lesser chances that the crime was to have taken place at all.

The mere absence of such drastic measures is "the be-all and end-all" in driving the criminals to still persist in committing such dastardly and heinous crimes giving little or no consideration at all about the punitive consequences that flow from their criminal actions.

In some lucrative offers,it is "Take home now,but pay later" but in these cases it is always "Enjoy the gains of a crime now itself, never to worry at all about the fate of punishment, which is, by and large, remains illusory only.

Nothing short of hanging of all the four rapists till their death, in public will serve the ends of justice.

Seshagiri Rao Karry, Hyderabad

Aid the AIDS-affected

Since 1988 every year December 1, is being observed as the World's AIDS day. It is being observed every year with a special message.

This year the World Health Organisation ( WHO) states 'key role of society' in curing AIDS. As per the statistics released by the Union Minister for Health in Parliament apart from Telugu speaking States, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and UP are leading in registering HIV positive cases.

About 37,000 deaths were recorded in two Telugu States due to AIDS for the last 3 three years. Further 3.79 crore people are suffering from this deadly disease across the globe of which 3.62 crore are adults and 17 lakh are children.

With the intensity of the HIV virus some falls into comma and lossing lives ultimately .Among HIV positive persons some are losing eyesight either partially or completely due to sighto meglo virus.

Some HIV positive people are suffering from heart and kidney diseases as they averse to medication thinking their life is ended. The people must know that there is no permanent cure for AIDS in any form of medicare till now.

Despite the HIV positive people are deceived in the name of Kerala treatment, the Hyderabad syrup, the Kolkata medicines etc.

The HIV positive people who do not use the Ante Retroviral Therapy(ATR) are suffering from TB and cancer owning to decreasing resistance power.

Pratapa Reddy Yaramala, Tiruvuru

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