MyVoice: Views of our readers 13th May 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 13th May 2020

Let's keep away from killer virus The citizens of the entire globe with no exception are reeling under severe incurable coronavirus infections ...

Let's keep away from killer virus

The citizens of the entire globe with no exception are reeling under severe incurable coronavirus infections since the dawn of new year 2020 which is recorded as a sour year in the annals of history. This kind of cureless virulent virus was not experienced earlier. Thousands of innocent people are succumbed to it irrespective of gender or religion. Covering nose and mouth, washing hands with soaps and using sanitisers, maintaining physical distancing are all interim precautions. And we are all parasites within the four walls. As long as we keep ourselves away from any ailments, we need not observe any kind of distancing. But we should be very cautious when we go out of the house. Let us all pray the Almighty for incineration of virus on this earth.

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

Lifting lockdown is folly

What is the use of lockdown? The public is coming out of homes and trains have started running and buses will start running within one-two weeks. The government has allowed liquor shops to operate. In front of wine shops, there are long queues. In some areas, general stores have been opened. Malls and cinemas are also getting ready to open. What will happen after opening these establishments once again? The government thinks only about economy, then how lockdown will become successful? Police are increasing fines. But there is no awareness among people. We have to remember that our country is not more developed than America which has big and modern hospitals, yet fails to control Covid-19.

T V S Suchitra, Khammam

TS agriculture policy commendable

The Telangana State government is focusing on a comprehensive agriculture policy that can be a role model for the whole nation. In the State, many farmers' welfare schemes have been implemented successfully such as 24-hour free electricity supply, farmers loan waiver scheme, crop investment scheme in the name of Rythu Bandhu, farmers' insurance scheme, construction of major and minor irrigation projects and crop purchasing by the governments. In Telangana, these types of welfare measures strengthen the farming community and boost the farmers' lives also.

Due to the lack of irrigation facilities in the State, severe drought occurred yesteryears but now time has changed with Telangana having abundant green fields. Farming community as well as agricultural experts appreciated the Telangana government's efforts for the welfare of farmers. the Chief Minister is focussing on comprehensive agriculture plan to help farmers in the State and the country should welcome this. The State has cultivated over 1 crore 35 lakh acres this year. The government is going to decide which crop should be cultivated by the farmers. Agriculture officials should take help from scientists to advice farmers on selection of crops.

A Shyam Kumar, Hanamkonda

Rajya Sabha's glorious leader

The Rajya Sabha is celebrating the 68th anniversary of its first meeting on May 13. Rajya Sabha, a federal chamber which represents States and Union Territories across the nation met for the first time on 13th May 1952. This is also called as the 'second chamber of Indian Parliament" or 'House of Elders' or 'Upper House'. On the day of its formation, it was called as 'Council of States'. But on 23rd August 1954, Dr S Radhakrishnan, the first Chairman of Rajya Sabha made an announcement that Council of States would now be called as 'Rajya Sabha'.

The vice-president will be the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha. Rajya Sabha is one of most powerful pillars in upholding the democracy of our country. It has played a crucial role in protecting democratic values of our country for the past six decades. Present Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Venkaiah Naidu is very motivating. He is maintaining debates and meetings in Rajya Sabha very well. He is such a person who gives equal opportunities to both treasury benches and Opposition members to express their views about every nook and corner of our country.

He is maintaining cordial relations with each and every member of Rajya Sabha. He is also trying to maintain the same relation with the citizens of India. Nowadays, he is encouraging our citizens to be not afraid of the current pandemic. He is giving assurance that prevention is better than cure through his articles and speeches. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Chairman of the Upper House is the eldest at heart. Undoubtedly, he is one of the jewels of Rajya Sabha's crown.

Kalyani Jahnavi, Shaikpet, Hyderabad

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