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MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th December 2021


India should continue its firm stand on KashmirIt is little over two years since the special status enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir has been abrogated - u...

India should continue its firm stand on Kashmir

It is little over two years since the special status enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir has been abrogated - ushering in an era of new development and multifaceted progress in the Union Territory of J&K. The past 70-odd years the state resembled as if the Centre had no control, whatsoever in the UT.

The prominent political parties in the Kashmir Valley, like the NC, PDP and the Hurriyat Conference have had their own agenda, in ruling the roost with impunity, by being Pak proxies, while their upkeep and maintenance was the responsibility, and commitment of the Government of India, at subsidised rates, at the cost of Indian taxpayer.

The security personnel who were at the receiving end of treacherous stone pelters, could not either react or meaningfully retaliate, to the mindless violence and mayhem against the police and military in the state. As a result the jihadi and separatist elements which bred on anti-India sentiments abetted by the Pakistan's ISI, which had budgetary allocation for Kashmir project successfully promoted every anti-Indian act and programme. This ranged from stone pelting to protests by friendly groups of NGO in India and abroad, to showcase Pakistan's pet propaganda of human rights violation in the Kashmir Valley, that suited the narration of Islamists, in order to keep the pot boiling , on its one sided argument that Kashmir belongs to it. Abrogation of Article 370 and 35A is a significant step by the NDA Government that the arrogant political class in the Kashmir Valley could not digest. The new trend of targeted killings of civilians, minorities and labour force from neighbouring states by faceless killers and terror elements in J&K - who are hybrid terrorists, is becoming a serious cause for concern which is being seen as a new strategy adopted by Pakistan to vitiate the situation by effectively activating the sleeper cells in the Valley as normalcy is returning to the Valley.

The elimination of most of the top commanders of various terror groups by the security forces has a telling effect in Kashmir, in terms of normalcy. The ongoing anti-terror operations by security forces in Bhattu-Durian area of the Poonch district, in which many hideouts, caves and secret tunnels used for cross border terror have been identified and destroyed.

The holed up militants in the area have no option but to fall prey to Indian bullets, as they did not care to surrender despite repeated requests to do so. The arrest of overground workers who were assisting the militants, has tremendously brought down the incidences of unhealthy militant activities in the Kashmir Valley, and a new strategy is being worked out to arrest such supporters that must drastically help in bringing down the incidents of selective targeting in the days to come.

— K V Raghuram, Wayanad

Welcome changes in Indian cricket

I am a happy woman this week. My 'favourite' captain and coach cease to be captain and coach. While the coach is being exorcised from the Indian cricket system, and is replaced by the icon, the Wall, Dravid, the captain has exited T20 and will soon be sacked as captain of the ODI team. Tragically, he may continue to captain the test team. But here's the kicker. He cannot do to the Wall what he did to Anil Kumble. If he even attempts any funny action before you can say "on the contrary" he will be on his backside! And the writing on the wall is already there on the team selection for the forthcoming India New Zealand T20 series. I am willing to bet on India's thumping victory in this series. On that absolutely positive note for Indian Cricket, have a wonderful weekend, hopefully watching New Zealand lift the T20 world cup.

— Jayanthi Subramaniam, Navi Mumbai

China: When autocracy is ideology

With communist ideology becoming outdated as evident from collapse of mighty Soviet Communist empire and although party ruling China presently is termed Communist party ,reality is that it's rule is utter autocracy to the core as evident from present President Xi Jinping who cements his status with historic party resolution paving way for his rule for entire life.

Consequently presently democratic fundamental human rights never exist in China.. Moreover, present foreign policy of China focuses on challenging domination of USA on the status as world policeman country and accordingly, US-Chinese relations are presently strained on account of inherent reasons. Moreover, unholy alliance between China and Pakistan poses genuine security threat to India's border continuously ever. Accordingly,India's present dynamic PM Modi is burdened with gigantic task of preserving highly cordial or diplomatic relations with these two unreliable adversaries of India ever

— B Veerakumaran Thampi, Thiruvananthapuram

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