MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th December 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd December 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd December 2021


Getting Miss Universe title for India especially during the time of cancel culture and political drama was a win win game for India

Miss Universe hits the bull's eye

Getting Miss Universe title for India especially during the time of cancel culture and political drama was a win win game for India. However, my appreciation goes all out for Ms Sandhu. She was asked in Q and A what's the biggest challenge of youth today? With utmost passion, she said the youth need to believe in themselves and stand up for what they believe in.

This is relevant a lot more than ever. Youth of present day are very creative. Ambition is a human right. Our society and policies streamline jobs only to educated/ qualified/ certified. What matters is desire and necessity, and that's all should matter. Sushruta, the father of plastic surgery and an ancient physician didn't hold a post doctoral degree from any medical college. Neither did author Jane Austen take a course is writing classics. And of course, Michael Ross never went to Harvard!

Institutional set up of professional employment is very regressive to the economy. Especially with youth being the majority at explosion, we need to bring reforms. Or otherwise, all those who are employed in so called "non-trained professional" sectors need to be bought into organised sector. If necessary, there should be institutional support through schemes.

Malavika Nandivelugu, on e-mail

'Pappu' fails again

It is good to know that Rahul has acknowledged himself as a Hindu, though he did not openly say this before, except for visiting temples during the election time. By uttering nonsense on Hinduism, Rahul Gandhi has further alienated from the vast religious group in the country, to become a half-baked individual, to be ignorant of basic tenets of Hinduism, in his irrational anger and hate for BJP. No wonder, TMC, SP and BSP are propagating similar mentality, in different ways. These negative sentiments expressed, I feel, are uniting the religion in the country, which is very much needed for the level-headed survival of the nation.

KR Parvathy, Mysuru

This refers to the editorial- BJP rivals shooting off – target. It is imperative that Rahul Gandhi, while discovering Hinduism must get it right, rather than the manner in which other communities lampoon the religion. Hinduism has been a favourite punching bag for others, that includes a section of Hindus, who have forgotten their true identity and lineage. The aspects of tolerance and good behaviour are meant only for Hinduism, while other religious groups can go berserk, being assertive and demonstrative, in showing their might, while Hindu religion has been at the receiving end of things for so many centuries. But, the situation in the country cannot be assumed to be in these terms, any longer.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

Rahul Gandhi seems to have lost his focus. At a rally in Jaipur, he took lessons on Hinduism and Hindutuva, which is but irrelevant rabble rousing. He would have done better if he had concentrated on issues that affect the common man like price hike of essential commodities.

Dr George Jacob, Kochi

Apropos 'Bapu was Hindu, Godse a Hindutvadi, says Rahul' reminds me of the ancient saying "Atmanam Vignaniyath" i.e., know thyself. He recognised this as a Hindu country. Ultimately Rahul also recognised himself a Hindu. Now, being a true Hindu he should seek 'truth' through satyagraha. If he seeks power he will become a Hindutva vadi. The nation wants him to remain a Hindu without seeking power like Hindutva vadi. Hope Rahul will advise his party members also to seek 'truth' and not to seek power like Hindutvavadis thereby doing good to the nation.

S Surya Prakash, Visakhapatnam

MLC election results and BJP

The latest results of MLC elections seem to indicate that the bubble seems to be bursting for Eatala and the new entrant Mass Mallana who tried to seek shelter under BJP. Is their popularity short lived or will they retain their glamour.? Mallana's support base is caving because he always advocated an independent party but deviated after coming out of jail on bail. They may not cut much ice, politically speaking, considering the series of failures of BJP at national level like farmer's bills, Nagaland issue, steep fuel prices etc. and side-tracking the procurement of paddy in Telangana besides other issues like turmeric, tribal university, privatisation of coal blocks to cite a few instances.

D Nagarjuna, Hyderabad

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