MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th September 2021


MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th September 2021

A 'NEET' less controversy

This has reference to the news item 'TN opts out of NEET with new bill'. While the bill does sound enticing, I feel as if it's a double edged sword. In states like Tamil Nadu, where about 69 per cent of the students study in state run schools, the concept of NEET is a disadvantage to students who haven't studied scientific English at that level before.

Also the widespread notion of how tuitions are the only way for a good rank has pressurised parents who, even if they can't afford it now spend colossal amounts of money on coaching classes. But if you flip the coin, studying for NEET is very stressful.

In some way, you could figure out if you are cut out for studying in a high pressure environment similar to medical school. I hope whatever decision the government takes is informed.

Navami Varma, Chennai

The linguistic variety in India

The annual Hindi Divas has been observed on 14 September when the central government staff and officers will be made to speak or write few lines in HIndi. Even school children many of whom are still attending classes from home will not spared and would be made to mug up some lines in Hindi and made to speak.

In this context, two songs , the first one a Sinhala Song "Manike Mage Hithe" sung by young singers Yohani and Satheeshan and the other song from the upcoming Telugu title song from the Film "Bheemla Nayak" has gone viral and has caught huge attention not only India even outside. Several Indian language versions Sinhala Song have gone viral and those who made them don't understand Sinhala language or even know such a language is spoken in Sri Lanka.

The Telugu title song from the film "Bheemla Nayak" similarly has received huge response from those like me don't understand it. In fact because of this at least I got to know about the Tribal singer Darsanam Moguliaiah using a musical instrument called "Kinnera" If left to the people without any politics or politicians, they would learn any language which they like.

And we are the only country in the world which is fortunate where the people speak various language which can unite people through such songs leading to "Bhasha Divas" (Language Day) throughout the year not necessarily a particular day like "Hindi Divas" which at times get over exploited by some Hindi fanatics which creates divide.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Values of Indian democracy

"Strong directions of CJI on Tribunals" (THI-Sept 14) addressed to the Government of India by Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu on the intolerable delays in appointment of number of vacancies in various tribunals leading to extreme delay in settlement of pending cases is a warning to GoI.

The old but evergreen diktat "justice delayed is justice denied" is of course not only caused by courts but also by governments by using escaping words "under process" or "under subjudice".

While expressing his regards to the supremacy of parliament 's power, CJI sought clearance from GoI to allow restoration of tribunal cases under the jurisdiction of the High Courts and and also passed a negative remark that GoI has no respect for the judgments of SC.

If GoI is truly active, judicious, and transparent in dealing with reasonable and legitimate, issues involving people's dire frugal needs, most of the cases might not have stepped into the court premises.

President - the executive head, and the Parliament - the people's house should listen and act on the advices of third pillar of the Constitution - SC for strengthening the values of Indian democracy.

S Vijaya Seshu, Godavarikhani

Amazing lyrics of Atreya

September 13 passed off as the death anniversary of great Telugu lyricist Atreya. He was a doyen of Telugu film songs and also regarded as 'Manasu Kavi' as his songs flew from the bottom of his heart (Manasu is not mind but heart in the literary sense).

"Manishi pote matramemi manasu vuntadi, manasutoti manasepudo kalisipotadi, savu putaka lenidamma nestamannadi, lanam ja namajanama kennatiki migilipotadi" (If man is dead his heart remains, heart mingles with man, friendship is birthless and deathless and it remains forever through all lives).

His wife late Padmavathy said that Atreya's like moon and he had left, leaving behind full moon's brilliance - truly so. He questioned those who deprive one of the dreams - "aa kalalukuda dochukune doralu Yenduku?" He was practical to the core and identified with all common people and those in suffering, so he's still loved.

Dr T Ramadas, Visakhapatnam

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