MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th May 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 6th June 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 6th June 2022


As things stand today ,Telangana state is facing severe financial crisis as necessities are increasing day by day due to payments for many welfare measures which are vote catching.

KCR ignoring Modi at own peril

As things stand today ,Telangana state is facing severe financial crisis as necessities are increasing day by day due to payments for many welfare measures which are vote catching. Many bills of contractors, hospitals for Arogya Sri, college fees reimbursements pending ,late payments of salaries for govt employees , pensioners etc are the talk of the people.

In view of these issues, it is not proper for KCR to treat BJP and Modi as enemies as it affects adversely prospects for the state in all aspects with people becoming bitter with TRS government. When any one in crisis, tries best to be friendly with many with goodwill to get support and cooperation to tide over crisis.

But unfortunately TS CM KCR going on wrong track of bitterness and enmity with Union government and Prime Minister with unpleasant and harsh comments on Modi and BJP which even his close aides donot agree. As Modi is visiting Hyderabad for an official programme at a prestigious Business School ,many eye brows have been raised at the absence of KCR as he has taken up Bharat Yatra for his political interests to dislodge BJP at Centre by proposing his new philosophy to the political parties ,for the country as he feels BJP and Modi are destroying the nation in almost all fields. But it looks KCR has lost vision of recent election results to five states where Modi factor worked more than BJP as analysed by many political observers. KCR also is not taking serious the image of Modi in international platform as in his comment a few days ago Pakistan former PM Imran Khan said that none can dictate India and supported reduction in oil prices and continuing oil deal with Russia against USA 's appeal against it. Is it not enough to indicate how Modi getting popular not only in India but abroad too getting glory to India.

Let us hope people of Telangana and state will not become a victim of bitterness of CM with Modi and all expect goodwill between two sacrificing bitterness for the welfare of people and state. Governments and politicians come and go but people are forever bearing all.

J P Reddy, Nalgonda

Revamp 'The Places of Worship Act 1991'

Is "The Places of Worship Act 1991" ordained by any Divinity and sacrosanct as such, so as to be not touched upon at all forever? Or its idea of amendment, a democratic taboo?

It is obvious that the ever changing environment, political, religious, economic and historical continue to leave a tremendous influence on the subjects and their ruling dispensation from time to time.The system needs to be suitably tailored to meet the ever changing scenario.. Hence the Act needs, a comprehensive, detailed and exhaustive re-look into its continued maintainability or otherwise to cope up with the changing situation to fulfill the aspirations of its subjects.

Seshagiri Row Karry, Hyderabad

Double standards of secularists

A group of intellectuals, politicians like Adil Ahmed (Adjudicate on religious matters carefully, The Hans India 24.5.22) has started a new tune in the light of Kasi mosque case asking the judiciary to be careful on religious issues. But the same groups were vociferous in their demand to go into Sabarimala temple issue and the opening of underground vault of Ananta Padmanabha Swamy temple issue. They were also religious issues but secularists and activists saw them as empowering women through the entry into Sabarimala temple and knowing the truth behind Thiruvananthapuram temple respectively. As the issue came regarding the mosque which was in dispute since Aurangazeb time, suddenly the writer finds virtue in not hurrying of courts in religious issues. What an irony.

Duggaraju Srinivasa Rao, Vijayawada

Stop erecting killer fences

Illegal electric fencing in Kerala's forest fringes erected by farmers to keep away wild animals from destroying their precious crops, which are their livelihood, has turned their own undoing, and that of others, especially forest officials and the police. Instead of erecting these killer fences, basic reasons that have wild animals' destructive foraying into human habitat must be addressed.

Dr George Jacob, Kochi

Govt schools in Delhi

The conditions of the MCD run schools in Delhi must make the entire nation cringe with shame. While the BJP must accept its responsibility for the shameful condition, most schools across the nation will not be much different. Since only those from the poor and marginalised classes attend civic schools, the standards of hygiene are unlikely to match those of private and convent schools. Therefore extra attention has to be paid to this aspect.

Even as the nation is immersed in the task of restoring past glories, how about paying a little more attention to the state of the civic schools? The discovery of syringes and liquor bottles must worry the administration and further checks are needed across the nation to see if the problem is widespread. Otherwise, centres of learning are in danger of becoming cradles for criminals!

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

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