MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th July 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th July 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th July 2020

Governor's roleplay vital

The recent development in Rajasthan regarding demanding of Assembly session by CM and the Governor's direct denial of calling the special session has once again put the constitutional post of Governor under the lens. The contradiction between the CM and Governor is not new as it has been watched a number of times and it generally happens when the State and Centre have different party's government.

This has again once proved the post of Governor as mere a rubber stamp and proving to be white elephant working under the pressure of the central government. The Governor's post must be abstained from nominating the old horses of political parties and this post must be held by retired expertise in any field.

It may lead to avoid the clash and also make sure the independent working of the Governor. Even the anti-defection law made for the electing representatives needs to be seriously reviewed as it has been again started misusing after re-contesting the elections in bulk, thereby making the mockery of the democracy and putting extra expenditure upon the people. The SC must interfere into both these matters to save the temple of democracy from the clutches of political power greed.

Dr Navneet Seth, Dhuri (Pb)

Special protection laws for scribes

Guwahati: Journalists' Forum Assam, while expressing shock over the murder of another scribe in central India within a week, has urged the Madhya Pradesh government to punish the culprits under the law. The forum also reiterated its old demand for a special protection law to safeguard the working journalists across the country.

Local media reports reveal that journalist Sunil Tiwari (35), who worked for a Gwalior-based Hindi newspaper, was beaten, stabbed and shot to death at MP's Niwari locality on July 22 when he was returning home in the evening hours. Sunil was attacked by a group of criminals and he succumbed to serious injuries on the way to a nearby hospital.

Sunil's family claimed that he was targeted for reporting over illogical activities of some influential persons. Few weeks back, he even expressed apprehensions in his facebook account and intimated the police about his fear, but they showed little seriousness over his complaint citing that it was his personal disputes with those individuals. Lately the police booked seven persons suspecting their role in the murder.

"We lost journalist Vikram Joshi (40) on 22 July after he was attacked by a group of goons in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh). The goons shot at him in front of his two minor daughters. By now, nine suspects were arrested by the police," said JFA president Rupam Barua and secretary Nava Thakuria, adding that the robust Indian media fraternity urgently needs the special protection law for its scribes.

Nava Thakuria, Guwahati

IPL, a much-awaited event

Finally the cricket lovers all over the world would have a great sigh of relief as the IPL tournament is going to commence from September 19 and after that India's tour to Australia is a big bonanza. The BCCI is to be applauded for its sincere efforts to get the tournament live.

Though enjoying the cricket on the ground is ruled out ,most of the cricket lovers enjoy before television sets itself. Already the test match series between England and West Indies is in progress and going on smoothly.

Hence we all hope that the IPL also goes on well without any problem from the Covid-19.Best of luck to all the players who participate in the tournament.

N Laltha, Bhimavaram

Emerging healthier is a must after the pandemic phase

We are all practicing more hygiene than ever and eating healthier than ever. And by now we all know about the list of immune booster foods.. Citrus fruits and Berries for Vitamin C, Nuts and seeds with Vitamin E Whole grains and sprouts with B Vitamins, leafy greens with iron and other minerals, Ginger and Garlic, turmeric and black pepper for antibiotic boost up..

To sum up, if we include multi-colored fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, seeds, nuts, sprouts and whole grains we are on a wholesome diet.

Certain factors that we may overlook when it comes to health and immunity. Vitamin D which is a vital health booster. Sunlight is the best source compared to supplements. So make sure you get out and get exposed to sunlight every day for at least half an hour. It has multiple health benefits in addition to immunity.

If you are on a vegetarian diet, you may be low on Zinc, an immunity boosting mineral. Pumpkin seeds, chick peas, lentils and mushrooms are good natural sources of Zinc for vegetarians. You can pick up a reliable supplement too.

Foods high in sugars increase inflammation in our body and lower immunity. So keep away from cookies, cakes, ice-creams and chocolates and deserts. Replace sugar-teas with herbal teas. Processed and packaged foods also lower immunity. So eat fresh, wholesome and home cooked foods. So are Deep fried foods. Avoid them. Alcohol consumption and smoking Cigarettes also compromise immunity significantly and can make you more prone to infection.

Lack of Physical Exercise: Lymphatic system plays a major role in removal of toxins from the body and production of immune cells. Physical Exercise, stretching, deep tissue massage, Deep breathing exercises makes the lymphatic system more efficient. So don't be sedentary. Go out for a brisk walk or jogging, or try squats, lunges, aerobics, yoga, dancing, skipping and deep breathing exercises inside your own home.

If you need motivation and guidance, switch on your favorite workout channel on TV/U-tube and follow along. Make sure you keep moving. But remember that enough rest and sleep are equally important for good health and immunity and don't forsake them.

Stress and Anxiety significantly lower your immunity. So the moment you sense it in your mind or body, take an immediate action to drive it out. Get up and work out, or get involved in some activity which you love and which completely absorbs your attention. Just do anything that gets you out of stress mode. Connect with and talk to family members and friends. Caring for and sharing with each other is a great immunity booster.

No matter what the current state of our health is and the problems we are facing, be it personal or professional, if we are determined to stay positive and centered, our chances of success are much higher when we take an action from that state of mind. And it is the first and foremost step to Healing, Health and Happiness.

Enuganti Anupama, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Women deserve to be treated better

The grant of Permanent Commission to women officers of Indian Army certainly goes a long way in empowering women who are being discriminated in all walks of life in an environment laced with misogyny.(A moment of triumph for women in the country - THI, 25 July). The milestone achievement busts the myth that the fragility of female body renders women unfit to do certain tough jobs hitherto reserved for men.

Even though India is miles away from establishing a social, political and economic order where women enjoy all opportunities, rights and freedoms at a par with men, this is undoubtedly a proud moment for all women which must make them more confident and more determined to further fight to end all forms of discrimination against them and to eliminate the ubiquitous patriarchal practices.

Recently, a TV programme telecast on the eve of the success of Telugu movie " Sarileru Neekevvaru" where the hero, heroine, director and other artistes participated is filled with the odour of misogyny .

It is disgusting to see all participants from anchor to director excessively praising and admiring the hero in his presence as if he alone contributed to the success of the film. The heroine, who equally contributed to the success of the film, was belittled in her presence with remarks such as it was her fortune to get the opportunity to pair with such a big hero.

All the male artistes who participated in the discussion were addressing one another respectfully in plural. At the same time, they were addressing the heroine disrespectfully in singular. This is quite opposite to the great quality of the legendary Telugu actor NTR who, even at his age of around 60, used to address his teenage heroines respectfully in plural.

The fact that even the heroine of the highest reputation is paid a fraction of remuneration paid to the hero reflects the inferior status of women in the country.

There is much more to be accomplished to let women live a dignified life where they have complete freedom and liberty to chose their own path to fulfil their dreams and ambitions. The time is ripe for men to shed the bad blood of masculinity and encourage women to scale greater heights in life. It is only men who try to brand women as weak and frail for fear of being unseated from their dominant position.

But, women are quite confident of their physical strength and mental power and are leapfrogging men in pursuit of success in all areas .

The entire country is proud of women like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom who displayed matchless talent and perseverance to be victorious in Olympics and world championships and who brought many laurels to the Nation in sports. To become super power, there is no alternative for India except empowering women in a more emphatic manner.

Thumati Anuradha, Hyderabad

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