MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th November 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 26th November 2020


On November 19, 2015, the Government of India officially declared November 26 as the National Constitution Day by notification in the Gazette

National Constitution Day

On November 19, 2015, the Government of India officially declared November 26 as the National Constitution Day by notification in the Gazette. The year 2015 marked the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Baba Saheb was the Chairman of the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly. He played a very significant role in the drafting of the Indian Constitution. The idea behind choosing this day to celebrate is to spread the importance of the Constitution as well as the ideas and thoughts of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. It is noteworthy here that previously we celebrated this day as National Law Day.

Vasavi Raju Barde, Nagpur

Eschew hate campaigns

BJP State president Bandi Sanjay and BJP leader Tejaswi Surya's comments in GHMC elections campaign are highly objectionable, reprehensible and are of full of hate -filled statements. Tejaswi Surya's comments that if you vote for Owaisi, it is a vote against country, Owaisi is a new avatar of Jinnah and Bandi Sanjay threatening a surgical strike in the old city is highly objectionable.

GHMC elections are are for civic problems and just for the sake of few votes the Opposition should not disturb communal harmony in Telangana in which all religion people are living peacefully. BJP leaders better raise civic problems like, drainage, water supply, roads condition, street lights, hospitals, LRS, property tax etc. Now it is duty of every citizen in Hyderabad to decide peaceful Hyderabad or anarchy. Election commissioner should take stringent actions against the leaders who are making hatred speeches and senseless statements.

Zakir Hussain, Kazipet

KCR and his daydreams

Releasing the party manifesto for GHMC elections, KCR has said he is ready to take up more demanding and onerous responsibilities on his shoulders, if the need be, to become an alternative power to sideline the BJP and Congress, joining hands with non-BJP political parties. His move, more or less sounds like an earlier tested and redundant political formula in the country, which came to be known as 'united front' or 'third front'. But the life expectancy of such a political entity seemed so short-lived that it could not make any dent at the state or central level, due to varied political agenda and fat egos of individuals, without making much headway politically to leave its mark on the national scene.

A similar brain wave had come from none other the erstwhile chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu, who though he was the most eligible candidate for prime minister's post, as he became CM many number of times in AP, compared to the present PM of the country, Narendra Modi, who too was the CM for many tenures in Gujarat. This became an obsession with Naidu, to repeatedly and needlessly challenge and criticise the NDA on one pretext or the other – while he had no compunction to milk the NDA to no end, when TDP was party of the NDA.

The current state of Chandra Babu Naidu is before all of us to see; and the general public have no sympathy for him for political wrongdoings in antagonising friends and allies. KCR must scrupulously avoid such traps and daydreams akin to Chandra Babu Naidu to explore and test the national leadership waters, with pride and self-proclaimed abilities.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

Biden seems a beacon of hope

This refers to your editorial 'IT Cos may get H-IB boost under Biden' (dated 25th November, 20). Finally Trump acceded to defeat and now one can hope smooth transition of power to Biden. Biden has vowed to do his best to bring sanity to H-1B visa regulations which were subject to continuous change under Trump tenure. With so many flip flops in the policy and in a bid to woo home audience, Trump has literally undone the whole H-1B system. With very high rejection of applications and non-renewal of visa even to those who are waiting for Green card, discontinuing spouse work permits, the American dream had turned sour.

With Biden one can hope that he brings clarity and stability to the system. But expecting too much from Biden administration would be a mistake, because he too have to take care of lobby continuously crying loss of jobs for the local. Let us hope that India develops its own Microsoft, Google, Apple and facebook in the times to come and reverse brain drain starts.

Bholey Bharadwaj, Mumbai

2020 seems a 'Nivar'ending tragedy

The year 2020 is knitted up with viruses, deaths and demises and another name to this list is cyclone' Nivar'. It was estimated to cross the coast of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. People are already fed up with the events in this year. Anyway, the people residing in the cyclone prone areas must be prepared both physically and mentally to face this cyclone. Even the NDRF and other institutions must be proactive to cut down the losses. let us hope this scenario ends up soon with minimal loss to life and property.

K Sai Manideep, Rangareddy District

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