MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th September 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th December 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th December 2020


MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th September 2020


SPB's departure a huge loss to music industry

S P Balasubrahmanyam's (SPB) demise has shocked the entire nation. The iconic playback singer was known for his immense contribution in the music industry and enthralled millions with his mesmerising voice. He was a giant of the music industry. SPB had a rare distinction of rendering maximum number of songs in a single day.

His singing voice dominated five decades, lending his voice to many super stars of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi films. SPB's death is irreparable loss to the film fraternity. His death has left a void in the music industry which cannot be filled.

His mesmerising voice will echo in every household and continue to live with us for generations to come. Singers may come and go but SPB was not just a phenomenon but an institution onto himself. May his soul rest in eternal peace. May the God give enough strength to his family members to bear the loss.

Kodihalli S Rao, Thane, Maharashtra

Is CSK losing momentum?

Chennai Super Kings is one of the top-notch performing teams in the IPL history. The team has been outstandingly discharging well, with its immensely experienced squad, playing under the top-class leader Dhoni. The CSK as a team, is a complete composition in all the four areas which are batting, bowling, fielding and finally ability to win under pressure.

When we take an in-detailed comparison between CSK and other teams, it is quite evident that the cricketing experience and pressure capabilities of CSK players are way ahead in the race with the other teams. But in the current ongoing IPL, we have been seeing CSK failing to make it a big day under the lights. The team has lost the initial momentum in the last two games, with openers failing to accelerate the match.

The team would have been much better if Bravo would be in the eleven, as we saw him earlier with his match winning performances in CPL. When bowling and middle order is concerned, CSK has got some good set of talents, but the momentum of starting the match with some good runs in Power-Play is creating a big delta between the chasing score and team's performance.

With the available players in hand and considering experience, in my view Bravo would be a good option, Dhoni at a little top of the order and kick-start opening batsmen would certainly make a match winning team.

T Bharath Bharadwaj, Nacharam, Hyderabad

Modi raises India's voice in UN

This is with reference to the report 'Modi pushes for UN reforms' (Sept 27). Prime Minister Narendra Modi forcefully raised issues at the UN that have been pending for a long time that concerned India's legitimate voice and maturity in leadership that can be garnered and effectively used and utilised for the general good of the world.

India strongly pitched for structural reforms in the Security Council that is pending for a long time. The permanent members as well as other members of the United Nation have wanted India to be made a permanent member in the UN Security Council, but this is yet to become a reality despite so many years that have passed.

India cannot be kept away perennially from granting permanent membership in the UNSC, along with other eligible and deserving countries like Japan and Brazil, among others.

India's strong assertion and assurance in the production and distribution of Covid-19 vaccine that is already into third phase of clinical trial to be made available to all in the world, is a lucid and wholesome announcement by a country that puts wellbeing and social concerns of others as a driving force for all its actions, must make others assured of Indian's intentions in combating Covid-19 crisis that the world is facing today. India is the first country in the world to make such a wholesome and unequivocal commitment in this regard.

S Lakshmi, Meenangadi, Wayanad, Kerala

Migrant labourers' plight is much older than pandemic

Every day we come across a story about a migrant labourer who has been through several hardships ever since lockdown had been implemented.

Why is it that no one spoke about the hardships that these people faced on a daily basis even before we were struck by a deadly pandemic? Why is it that these people were left to look after themselves with absolutely no resources provided by the government?

The neglectful attitude of the society towards these migrants is clearly visible as they became headlines only when their service is no longer available to the greedy capitalist minds. The fact that migrant labourers were miserable even before the lockdown says a lot about how our system is designed to neglect the needs of the poor and needy.

It is time that we as a nation stand up for the rights of migrant labourers because they are the building blocks of a nation and need to be treated just as respectfully and humanly as every other citizen.

Joel Augustine, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala

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