MyVoice: Views of our readers 3rd October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th October 2021


It is said there is a spoonful of sadism in us all that comes out when such people deal with individuals and relatives who do not fight back, who are generally docile and humble.

Sadism, a malaise spread all over

It is said there is a spoonful of sadism in us all that comes out when such people deal with individuals and relatives who do not fight back, who are generally docile and humble. This tendency is seen in animals too. Several incidents cited by Suravajjula are interesting in terms of human behavior under demanding and dominating circumstances, to be endured by juniors and subordinates in whom the receiving entity is compelled to continue , despite the daily quota of ridicule and demeaning behavior from the boss.

It is true that employees with self-respect and dignity will not be able to endure such cranky bosses and wicked superiors, who are used to exerting their authority, without any valid reason or rationale. For individuals facing such a situation, the close friends circle of colleagues prove a great help in soothing the ruffled feathers of the victim.

The dominating bosses generally are egoistic, without healthy family lives. There are several cases of this kind, wherein the wife and children cannot put up with their father's domineering nature and tantrums, while waiting for a chance to teach him a lesson at an appropriate time.

The retired life of such fathers is generally miserable, in which mother and children form one group - with no role to play in support, as a result the father proves a miserable misfit in the family to become a despicable and unwelcome entity – generally such dads have a miserable end, to ultimately end up in old age homes as they cannot overcome their dirty habit of faultfinding and bloated ego mentality, even in the ripe old age to be detested by others.

Workplace sadism on juniors will have different effects on their families, in which wives and children are victims. This tendency is checked to a great extent; when elders in home intervene to correct the situation. There is another interesting aspect among junior and supervisory staff when their innate frustration and humiliation suffered at the hand of the boss, surface during partying – after a couple of pegs. The emotional damage they endured will be out there for all to see.

But, such individuals do not generally show any emotional disquiet, even under demanding circumstances at the work place. There is a peculiar situation of low-esteem that is often seen among superiors, managers from the reserved communities, in banks and other government establishments, who have come up in the ranks due to sheer caste consideration and promotion. Such individuals are always curious about what others are talking about, and suspect it to be about them.

Such managers are a curse to an organisation to prove dead-weight, and an extra burden on the sincere and hardworking staff, who become stepping stones for such characters.

As prudently pointed out in the article, there is no gender difference, when it comes to sadism. There are women in the group too. These lady bosses have generally docile husbands or they are spinsters, in having selective individuals to cater to their personal needs and gratifications. These women are generally alcoholics, without a healthy family ties despite having an excellent intelligence and an impressive academics and professional career graph.

An important aspect of sadism in schools and colleges, in the guise of ragging, is omnipresent. This practice of ragging culminates into more crude and cruel forms of human behavior, later on, in people's life and society. Similar tendencies are possible from the ilk in the police force, while dealing with the suspects; advocates, politicians for subjugating sane and legitimate voices in the society, against the establishment.

K R Venkata Narasimhan, Madurai

'Invest and conquer' model of China

China's investment of an estimated $1.4 billion in Sri Lanka's Colombo Port City project is an example of how it uses its economic power to trap unsuspecting governments in complex debt and dependencies. China's debt trap diplomacy is clearly visible in Africa.

One in five infrastructure projects in Africa are funded by China and one in three projects are built by Chinese companies. It is said that these projects are often taken up without conducting proper studies.

Angola owes substantial debt to China and it is now repaying the debt with crude oil causing economic problems to the country. Kenya also got into Chinese debt trap and it has been negotiating the terms of loan payments. As a consequence, Chinese bank has frozen fresh instalments for projects in Kenya.

Central Asian countries too have got into Chinese debt trap. Many Central Asian countries depend on China for export and import of essential commodities, especially medical goods. As a consequence, their debt has increased. China took advantage of the situation and seized many concessions from these countries.

For example, Tajikistan ceded 1,158 square km of territory in the Pamir mountains. China's overwhelming control of debt trapped countries transcends Asia. Many countries in Europe are struggling to repay loans to China. China has taken up projects in Peru and there are proposals for projects in Brazil and Chile as well. These countries are likely to be victims of Chinese debt diplomacy.

Chinese strategy is that it always hides the truth and always shows an unrealistic picture of hope. China has vested interests in offering loans to countries for projects. It targets unsuspecting and naïve countries and in the end such countries get trapped in huge debts. By offering financial assistance and service China is actually betraying countries.

Venu G S , Kollam

Well done, Stalin!

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M K Stalin's decision to convert former CM Jayalalithas's helicopter into an air ambulance is indeed laudable and only enhances his good image further of being a people friendly chief minister.

The TN health department has been making arrangements to convert this chopper which was bought by the former CM in 2006 for her to travel. The chopper which has not been in use since 2019 has all facilities and if converted into an air ambulance can definitely serve by air lifting and taking those in need of immediate medical attention to medical colleges and hospitals any where in the state. This can save lives of ordinary citizens during emergency situations.

Rather than using it as a personal vehicle for travelling the various parts of the state the decision for using the same for public welfare only goes to show that this leader is a leader of the masses and for the masses.

M Pradyu, Kannur

Ashwin is a real-time hero

In my book Ravichandran Ashwin is a hero. A no-nonsense action. The veteran cricketer, who believes in following the rule of law and calling a spade a spade. He was in the dock for running out a non-striker leaving the crease while the bowler was coming into bowl.

And Ashwin was right. He is alleged to have complained to BCCI about Virat Kohli, which led to Ashwin being dropped for the England Test series. And Kohli stepped down. He is again in the news for taking an extra run when the ball ricocheted from the bat of the non-striker, which is perfectly legal.

And the Brit, the uppity, crooked, holier than thou Brit, Eoin Morgan, who himself was a beneficiary of a ricocheted 4 runs to win the world cup, calling him names. And Ashwin, rightly defended himself.

For a Brit to call an upright, honest Indian name is not acceptable. Carry on Ashwin. We love you. And hope to see you back in the playing 11 of India, and winning matches for India, in all formats of the game.

C K Subramaniam, Mumbai

Modi, the TINA factor and Congress revival

There are lakhs of people who think the same way as Kanhaiya Kumar who, while joining Congress, said that he did so because the party is not simply a political institution but rather an idea and philosophy. In tune with popular Telugu saying that when God is ready to shower his grace, it is the priest who matters because one can reach Him /Her through proper channel only. The priests in question are the members of the Gandhi (read Indira, not Mahatma) family.

Age old Congress supporters have made up their mind to jump out in different directions and are eagerly waiting for the decision or rather indecision of the High Command. Hope things will fall in place in the ensuing CWC session.

Anyhow on the verge of a total collapse, Congress is in a better position to take maximum risk in announcing its Prime Ministerial candidate so that he or she gets 'marinated' in the minds of the people to make appropriate comparison vis a vis Modi who is presently cherishing TINA factor.

Two years would be ideal time for the candidate to sink into the minds of the voters to take a calculated decision.

Without subjecting the people to Hobson's choice, Congress can spring a surprise candidate against the expected lines because like Kanhaiya Kumar, many are waiting with bated breath as a last chance to pump life in otherwise critical party.

The more the Gandhis relegate themselves, barring fetching votes through their charisma if there is one, the better for Congress party to spring back to a brighter future than the two decade political drought they have been facing.

D Nagarjuna, Hyderabad

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