MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th May 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th May 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th May 2022


Your editorial, "BJP may preach Hindi - at its own peril" is interesting.

BJP's short-sighted pitch for Hindi

Your editorial, "BJP may preach Hindi - at its own peril" is interesting. It is discussing an age-old problem which has no quick solution. All Indian languages are national languages - Rashtra Bhashas. Hindi is accepted as an official language - Raj Bhasha. As far as imposing Hindi is concerned, it is said non-Hindi States should use Hindi voluntarily. English will continue as a link language between Hindi and non-Hindi States. Linguistic States use their own language as official language. In your editorial you mentioned one BJP leader asking those who cannot speak Hindi to get out of the country. Ignorant people and extremists are in every language and in every field. They should be just ignored and not quoted. Indian languages will survive on their own. But States should pay attention to their own language and promote it. In many cases it is far from true. By the way, should we ignore Hindi? Resist imposition but equip yourself with extra qualification. It will prove advantageous.

Dr J Bhagyalakshmi, Madanapalle

The editorial has rightly highlighted that BJP time and again harping on making Hindi as the national language even after it was vehemently opposed by the southern and the eastern states time and again, which shows the party to be self-serving, short-sighted and unscrupulous more than removing ecomic disparity. If it continues in the same fashion, it will only widen the gap between non-Hindi speaking and Hindi speaking states to the detriment of the nation while causing more harm to the party itself. Further, India is home to several languages and dialects out of which 22 Indian languages are listed in the Eighth Schedule as official languages. Unwarranted announcement time and again by BJP asserting Hindi as the national language appears that it wanted to appease Hindi chauvinists.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

AP govt must act, not blame Oppn

There have been increasing cases of atrocities or rapes especially for the last few days in some place or other in AP. Of course, no crimes can be anticipated by any government and curbed anywhere even in the world but then, the situation of atrocities seems to be gaining more momentum in AP since a few weeks ago. There is no point in accusing TDP always but immediate corrective steps should be taken by the government and if possible the CM should personally console the victims of the heinous crimes committed on them at their places. Ultimately, it is the duty of any government to provide employment to various skilled and unskilled persons and mere announcements of freebies will not prevent crimes and atrocities.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

Why shoot the messenger?

Very recently, the WHO revealed that Covid toll was much higher in India than stated. Whenever any international agency openly pinpoints the discrepancies, deficiencies and errors occurred by the Indian personnel/authorities or scientists in a particular sphere, the latter blatantly deny and makes excuses. They start questioning the methodology of the agency and label computation style as analytically wrong. This trend is absolutely wrong as will never make us tread on the path of progress and prosperity.

Dr Sunil Chopra, Ludhiana

Sheer waste of public money

The full-page advertisements on the front pages of all the national leading newspapers throughout India on a daily basis by the newly formed AAP Government of Punjab are nothing but just sheer wastage of taxpayers' money when the state is already reeling under the loan of around Rs 3 lakh crore. The govt has no right to waste the tax collected money on these kinds of illogical activities of making self-praise. It must focus on raising the revenue and employment generation.

Dr Navneet Seth, Dhuri (Punjab)

Torrid times for TN people

Power cuts in Tamil Nadu are a perennial problem and this year it is not an exception. Whatever hell happens in TN, one thing is to play the blame game and with the result TN public suffering! But, the general public didn't forget the nightmare of power cuts between 2006 and 2011 when the same government was sucking the life of the common man. We thought and hoped that at least this time, they would rule better, but the indications so far are alarmingly scary and the sufferings continue during a sultry season. The present model of administration is paving way for further cuts, giving torrid time for the people. The state government should look for a permanent solution.

C K Subramaniam Iyer, Trichy

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