National animal: Should cow replace tiger?

National animal: Should cow replace tiger?

National animal: Should cow replace tiger?


Cow is a sacred animal for Hindus for ages. India’s neighbour Nepal declared cow as a national animal


Cow is a sacred animal for Hindus for ages. India's neighbour Nepal declared cow as a national animal. This has also led to an intense debate in the country on whether the Indian government should also follow suit. The Hans India spoke to a cross section of people on the issue. A majority backed making cow the national animal. They said whether it is a house-warming ceremony or initiating a new venture, ushering in a cow is considered a good omen and a sign of lucky charm. However, a few said what benefit does a common man derive by enacting a legislation making cow the national animal. They pointed out that as per the Constitution, all religions are equal in the nation.

India should emulate our neighbour Nepal in declaring cow the National Capital, no recognition to cow. No need to say that 90 per cent population of the country worship the cow. At this juncture, it is the right time to exert pressure on the Central government for declaring cow as National Animal. Political parties which support the demand will have people behind them in elections.

Dr P Jagannadhan Reddy, children's specialist, Balaji Clinic, K RPalli, Chittoor

The suggestion to make the cow the National Animal is a good one. We are an agriculture-based country and known to be peace loving people. Cow as the national animal represents both qualities and of course it reduces the slaughter of the innocent animal.

T Rajyalakshmi, small businesswoman, Ongole

Whatever be the National Animal, be it the tiger or the cow, it would not make any difference to the common man's life. Crores of poor children are short of a glass of milk even after seven decades of independence. I suggest to the government and people to discuss how to provide nutrition to those children and nurture them to be an asset to the country rather than a liability in the future.

N Sai, private employee, Ongole

Whether the Government of India declares cow as National Animal or not, the protection of cow is everyone's responsibility. Keeping this in mind, we have to take measures for conservation of cattle in our country. Otherwise cows which were our nation's wealth, will gradually decline in numbers. Declaring cow as National Animal is a welcoming move

Gnananeshwar Ramadas, BVSC student, Tirupati

We have been fighting to get cow declared as National Animal for more than 10 years because cows are very important to the Indians for many centuries. Cow is worshipped as it is a holy animal. I don't understand why the government is not declaring it as National Animal. Cow milk and urine are also promoted in Ayurveda because they have many benefits and medicinal values.

Suresh Raj Purohit, trader, Vijayawada.

I support the idea of declaring cow as National Animal because people get multiple benefits with cow. I know India is a secular country. But, declaring cow as National Animal has nothing to do with religion. Everyone can be benefitted from the cows whose products have immense economic benefits.

B N A Murthy, lecturer, Nalanda college, Vijayawada.

Stopping cow slaughter is very important than giving National Animal status to it. Cow is a multipurpose animal which Hindus worship from ancient times. Even in mythological period cow has highly considered spiritually. Cow deserves National Animal status

Gorripati Chinna Babu, businessman, Rajamahendravaram

A cow has motherly qualities and worshipping it ushers in prosperity and health. Every product of the cow is useful to mankind one way or the other. Without utilising its products, a day remains incomplete in our life. According to me, cow has all the qualifications to become a national animal.

P Swamy Venkata Narasimha Gopal, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant employee, Visakhapatnam

Cow is called Gomatha and Kamadhenu which, as legend says, evolved from churning of ocean. It is a precious and divine animal. Without its presence, Hindus cannot perform any festival or auspicious programmes. It is the time to declare it National Animal.

Badireddi Naga Surya Satyanarayana, retired co-operative central bank employee, Rajamahendravaram

A national animal is a symbol of pride and it should be people-friendly. We should consider it as a part of our family and not runaway from getting scared of it. Cow is not only worshipped as God across the country but it also enhances our livelihood in multiple ways. Hence cows are more suitable to earn the national animal tag and replace the ferocious tiger.

L Ganesh Naidu, veterinary doctor, Visakhapatnam

It is the time to start an agitation demanding declaration of cow as National Animal in the place of tiger, which is a long pending demand. National Animal status protects cow from slaughter houses. Even in housewarming also cow is sent into the house first, which is considered auspicious.

N Dharma Rao, advocate, Rajamahendravaram

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