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The Covid-19 pandemic tripped the country’s economy from slowdown to shut down

The Covid-19 pandemic tripped the country's economy from slowdown to shut down. The impact has hit rock-bottom on many sectors across the globe. All the Indian Economic sector including Primary Sector (raw materials), Secondary Sector (fishing goods), Tertiary Sector (service sector), Quaternary Sector (education, R &D) are going through the worst phase, as never experienced before. The Industrial experts and other intellectuals could not precisely predict the recovery period for this economic recession. But at the same time it has further fabricated a new way of enhancing/experiencing new working methodologies in the sectors like education, movie/cinema industry, financial & banking, IT.

The pandemic has increased the scope of online education to a greater extent. The need for online classes, examinations and interactive sessions for every student, irrespective of nature of study are taking place to a greater extent. The online education platforms are impeccably gaining profits for their innovative remote learning methodologies. In this current situation all the schools, colleges and few esteemed universities are focusing on the same to ramp-up their academic schedule as expected.

On the other side the role of OTT platforms has naturally attracted the cinema lovers & general audience and created a towering impact before covid-19. And currently there is an enormous scope and demand for the Over-the-top (OTT) media, as the theatre footprint will eventually slip. The ease of watching the cinema craft (movies, web-series) as and when required by the subscriber is a prime facility which is captivatedly engaging the audience more towards OTT services and additionally the covid-19 impact gave developed much scope for the online theatre.

The Work From Home (WFH) which is absolutely necessary for all the IT employees has also shown a mighty 70% success rate with effective results. The effects of COVID-19 are having a significant impact on the technology sector, affecting raw materials supply, disrupting the electronics value chain. But positively, the work from home is working quite well with good expected results. The IT sector has been relentlessly working on developing more remote accessibility for all the employees across the world. The magnitude at which the employees have been working and supporting the organisations is amazing. It is a new way of positive outcome from covid-19.

The government and private organisations are working collaboratively to set up a digital communication medium to all the supporting sectors , so work can be generated without description.

The above are few of the examples where the transformation through the internet has been playing impeccably well. And in the same manner, more focus can be pledged on other supportive sectors like banking, financial transactions, online registrations, full fledged online education, increasing the WFH capability to 90%, online grocery deliveries across every street, etc.. Let us hope for a better and safe nation.

T Bharath Bharadwaj

Working in IT firm, Hyderabad

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