People should be protected from cybercrimes

Cybercrime shoots up by more than 50 %, overall crime rate reduces by 10%

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The influx of digital technology since 19th century had gained many applauds to the utmost pride of technological revolution which can be termed as...

The influx of digital technology since 19th century had gained many applauds to the utmost pride of technological revolution which can be termed as today's aim of competing with our domestic and global economy in preserving and transforming information in small devises. The 'Digital India' conceptualisation by the government of India is also a transparent stand as a live instance of thrust towards imbibing domestic digital economy.

In this context, certain lacuna is leveraging a way, however not welcomed, to the nefarious cybercriminals with their white collars who are exploiting every aspirant who love to learn, work and communicate in this specific platform, with the tactics of binding and blackmailing emotionally, socially, professionally and even scientifically.

This is an alarming area of concern which needs war footing attention by the competent authority to avoid, avert, assimilate and arrest this, which could be a disaster of online infrastructure. Today people are in the verge of habituating to online transactions bestowed by the particular apps of the service providers like Paytm, PayZip, RuPay, Google Pay and other platforms apart from internet banking which stood as predecessor to all the above.

The swiftness and service of these apps in debiting the customer account for any sort of minute error, sometimes by error, not seen in response to the customer queries and concerns on emergency or urgent basis.

A customer care of a bank, when his customer calls urgently, either on toll free or no free call, put him to a pleasant music and teaching numeric and alphabets irrespective of caller secular status which may end up only in frustration. Routing and re-routing to the internal protocol citing the concern of the customer as delegate cause is often standing as a main agenda.

Today an MICR chip equipped debit card with the customer no need any PIN number for a transaction within a limit value, however, the value is specified as limited for the banker but not to the poor customer where technology can involve an anxiety for the customer when the card is lost and lodging a concern with the service provider, is as not easy as said and needs improvement in the present set of operations.

Available apps are not having a concrete mechanism to address the query, concern and agony of the user within no time. Overall a minute of transaction bestowed by the Digital Technology may take a minute more but the need to tackle frauds and cyber white collar unprofessional economic offences/crimes, in this present world where a gadget in one's mere palm could dictate the same world at the tactics of single finger point for a screen to flip or down otherwise.

The people of Information Technology and cybercrime cells at the helm of affairs are competent enough to find a betterment and better solution which is in general far reach to the IQ of the common man.

-M Janardhan Rao, Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada - 5

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