Rising fuel prices can impact economic revival

Rising fuel prices can impact economic revival

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Fuel prices are pinching everyone’s pockets

Fuel prices are pinching everyone's pockets. Prices are raised for 14 days in a row with cumulative increment of Rs.5.88 for petrol and Rs.6.50 for diesel. The government should have reduced petroleum prices in the country when the Brent crude price fell per barrel down over 30 per cent in the month of March 2020. The increase in fuel prices directly or indirectly affects all the major sectors of the country. It affects the transportation, textiles, auto, FMCG, manufacturing, agriculture sectors and so on. Roadways, railways and the airways will increase their charges when the price of petrol goes up.

Salary of the middle class families remain fixed but their expenses increases. This makes it difficult for them to maintain themselves in limited resources. The living standards which a person want to achieve could never be achieved as he has to pay all the increasing expenses with his limited income. The poor are in pathetic condition. They work to fill their belly and nothing more. It is a chain reaction once begun will affect all. This is an extra burden on public amid this intrinsic coronavirus pandemic financial distress.

If we glance at worldwide statistics, basically when taxes increases, consumption rates fall. There's no guarantee that increasing taxes would fetch profits for governments. If economic growth has to be increased, then economic activity should go through the roof, for that public's purchasing power must be escalated. But since fuel prices are being gradually increasing every day, purchasing power falls simultaneously consumptions plunge. This is often problematic for economic revival.

The increased prices of petroleum products will have a cascading effect on the prices of all items of daily use. Diesel is one among the main transport freight. It is the standard for all types of good transportation especially. If diesel prices hike, automatically road freight transportation becomes expensive. If the cost of road freight is high, the cost of all types of products also will increase. Increase within the prices of all kinds of commodities or in production cost, how does it help economy? Prudent economy suggest us, rather earning by increasing taxes, boost economic activity which also helps in long term outlook.

Petrol is an indispensable part of day to day life as it occupies a place in many activities. The effect of the rising prices will be especially on the poor and the middle class. To alleviate the suffering of the people the Union government should roll back the hike and in fact reduce the prices of petrol and diesel without delay. The citizen should also be aware and use the fuel in a justified manner.

Ravi Teja Kathuripalli, Hyderabad

Railways boost up 'Make in India'

As a safety step and highly commendable precautionary measure the Indian Railways have decided to stop the distribution of bedrolls in long distance trains .The precautionary measures have been taken owing to the present covid pandemic scenario. The railways instead of distribution of these have asked various railway divisions to start the sale of Covid-19 protective items like gloves, masks, sanitisers and takeaway bedroll kits at major railway stations.

The board in its recent circular has asked the commercial department to make protective gears available in the multipurpose stalls and outlets at stations and thereby fulfill the needs of passengers and thereby make them reassured of a safe, healthy and hygienic journey.

It will be a boon to thousands of passengers as the railways have emphasised that only high quality items with a moderate price should be sold. The manufacturing of these items and selling them can also boost the number of manufacturing units and sales outlets giving employment to many and this can definitely help the employees and those working in the unit economically and in a way enhance the trend of "Make in India" which is fast catching up in all the sectors

M Pradyu, Kannur

Bravo, Chand Mohammad!

With reference to news item "Class 12 student handles Covid bodies for mother's medicines, school fees"(Hans India, 18th June, 2020). We salute this young unsung Covid warrior Chand Mohammad and his mother's courage and also thank The Hans India for bringing such stories which brings a bright spot among everyday news of inhuman behaviour in our society.

One day the Covid-19 will go, but in future whenever this horrible virus episode will be mentioned, people will also remember such brave heroes. Central and States government and other NGOs must consider rewarding our Covid warriors specially crematorium staff, graves diggers, ambulance drivers because they perform duties where even immediate family members of dead persons refuse to accept their near and dear one in their final journey. We pray for Chand Mohammad's good health and safety and stand with his family in this hour of testing time.

Syeda Miratu Zohra, Hyderabad

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