The less-known dangers of indoor pollution

The less-known dangers of indoor pollution

We always talk and are afraid of outdoor pollution and our views are confined to assess the outside pollution in various forms affecting the...

We always talk and are afraid of outdoor pollution and our views are confined to assess the outside pollution in various forms affecting the environment and the major cities in India particularly New Delhi is being toxically polluted.

The recent WHO statistics say that air pollution kills seven million people globally every year, of which four million die from indoor pollution.

No doubt a polluted city is a fatal city and indoor pollution is a much bigger silent killer .Most of the closely constructed apartment clusters are very badly polluted inside ,certain flats do not get sun rays and deprived of natural ventilation and they always use(day & night) lights to illuminate the flats.

If anybody freshly enters the flat a peculiar odour pervades. The reason for this is the indoor environment is affected with biological pollutants such as dust mites, moulds ,pollen and infectious agents in stagnate water ,mattresses, carpets , door mats and humidifiers.

The WHO noted that indoor air pollution causes two million premature deaths every year of which 44 per cent die of pneumonia,54 per cent of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and 2 per cent of lung cancer .

Quite a few of us use perfumes ,deodorants, nail polish and other cosmetics without realizing their effect on indoor pollution .Fragrance or aroma often triggers respiratory problems and allergies .Many youth suffer from cold and dry coughs due to usage of wrong perfumes.

If we keenly observe almost anything and everything in house can lead to indoor pollution. From household cleaning agents, paints, furniture, floor tiles and carpets. In all paints whether nail polish, wall and wood paints contain lead if we breath in closed doors, it may enter blood stream and affect the vital organs like kidneys and lungs .

The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not safe for indoor use will affect the health of residents of the house. The dangerous VOCs we use indiscriminately are aroma producing agents such as room fresheners, insect repellents, deodorants, cosmetics- the other type of polluting VOC is smoke from scented sticks/agarbattis in closed room ,ill ventilated stink emanated non- vegetarian restaurants, smoke from cooking oils, mosquito repellents & coils, tobacco smoke also adversely affect indoor atmosphere.

Apart from this, the random house hold appliances such as dryers, water heaters, stationery, air conditioners, printers, lamps and other office equipments release different gases and fine hanging particles.

Humidity and the wrong temperature are also responsible for indoor pollution. If we drive car with glasses closed with A/c in on condition ,the inside circulating fine dust added with car upholstery dust are freely inhaled by driver of car.

Another major indoor pollutions is pets, for instance the hair of pet dogs that hang in the closed rooms when the dogs often scratch their body is highly dangerous, those who move closely with pets are exposed to respiratory problems and peculiar type of allergies .

Most of our body dirt is absorbed by bed sheets and pillows ,the microbes on bed sheets cannot be cleared by mere washing ,the only solution to kill microbes is sun rays ,we have to often dry our bed sheets and pillows in sharp sun rays .

Of course flats that deprive of natural sun shine will have ill effects ,that's the reason our forefathers used to build independent houses allowing free light/sun in to houses through windows and main entrances ,now it is a luxury to have an independent house with spacious rooms and free ventilation.

Let us exercise caution as far as possible in using certain harmful household cleaning agents and perfumes and try to expose ourselves to the visible free health showering god the "Sun".

Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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