After cleaning six rivers, this NGO looks up for more

After cleaning six rivers, this NGO looks up for more

After cleaning six rivers, this NGO looks up for more


Jeevanadi involved in river conservation earnestly pleads to save water bodies

Rivers were the lifeline of human civilisations and still remain the sustaining force for eons, for a variety of life, commerce and cultures. They are loved and revered. Veneration for them still intact, people seem to have stopped caring to preserve the pristine waters. Pollution, domestic and industrial, is spelling death of plants and animals in waters along many stretches. Shallow spiritualism has set in.

During auspicious occasions, one finds rivers teeming with pollutant materials like plastic. In doing, humans are also threatening livelihoods of fellow beings. Cleaning them up, restoring fresh water and biodiversity has become more important than ever - for people and nature to thrive.

Jeevanadi Foundation, a city-based NGO, is working for conservation of rivers in the city and across India. Having cleaned six rivers at different locations so far, the NGO has taken up sensitisation of public on protection of water bodies through events, campaigns and programmes.

For instance, it is trying to create awareness on what kind of measures we need to take while having a holy dip to save rivers from pollution as the rivers are largely polluted with plastic covers of Kumkum, haldi, oil and plastic covers after holy dip and other spiritual rituals.

Lakshmi Durga, the founder of Jeevanadi Foundation, rues there is not one safe river in the country, that is not polluted throughout the year. "When life-sustaining rivers are being contaminated, they can no more benefit us. Moreover, polluted rivers are hazardous to human health as they cause deadly water-borne diseases."

"Governments are doing their bit and spending crores of rupees to save the rivers, reckless attitude of people is wrecking their efforts. So, we there is greater need now than ever to impel people to care for river protection and hygiene," she adds.

On the activities of Jeevanadi Foundation, Lakshmi says, "River water is being polluted by plastic especially at holy places; so, we have begun our awareness activities from the holy places.

So far we have cleaned six rivers namely, Krishna, Godavari, Kaveri, Thungabadra, Pranahitha and Yamuna during Navarathri seasons when devotees throng to take holy dips." In the last week of every month, they conduct activities at different locations. Volunteers pitch in to take up river cleaning activities.

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