Hyderabad: Covid cases decline, black fungus infection continue to rise

Mucormycosis infection eye check by a doctor

Mucormycosis infection eye check by a doctor


Though the Covid cases in Telangana have declined, those of Mucormycosis (black fungus) are continuing

Hyderabad: Though the Covid cases in Telangana have declined, those of Mucormycosis (black fungus) are continuing. The Government ENT Hospital is performing 20 black fungus surgeries a day. More than 20 cases of black fungus are being reported daily in the hospital.

Overall 400 cases of black fungus have been reported in a day in the State in both government and private hospitals. Experts say that such cases may continue as long as most population is infected by Covid, but they may drop in a month.

There are 300 patients under treatment in Gandhi Hospital where 40 surgeries are being performed daily. "We are working 12 hours continuously to reduce the number of patients. The treatment is being done on a war-footing basis to treat black fungus. One more month is need to get rid of the fungal infection", said Dr Raja Rao, Superintendent.

Treatment after surgery is more important, as a patient needs injections during recovery. "We need to accommodate the patient. For it injection cannot be avoided. The situation may come under control in July, Dr Rao added.

"We are still performing 20 fungal surgeries a day, as earlier,but critical cases are not being repored," said Dr Shankar, Superintendent, Government ENT Hospital. More than 20 cases are being reported daily and 181 patients are being treated.

Dr Rao said Mucormycosis case count may go down by next month, but the fungal infections will continue for months, as most population was infected with Covid. Most of the recovered and asymptomatic persons are getting infected with black fungus months after recovering with Covid.

According to Dr Shankar, normal ENT surgeries have been stopped in ENT hospital only as the Mucormycosis surgeries are being done now. "For complicated eye surgeries, we are referring patients to Sarojnidevi Eye Hospital."

Speaking about mucormycosis, Superintendent of SD Hospital Dr Raja Lingam informed that only ten patients of black fungus are consulting daily. The surgeries have dropped to four. The black fungus cases being referred from ENT hospital have been reduced to half. They may go down in July.

Said Dr Ramesh Reddy, Director of Medical Education, "adequate stock of medicines are being supplied to all hospitals which are treating mucormycosis patients. There is absolutely no shortage of medicines. To avoid blackmarketing of medicine we request pharmacies not to sell the medicines".

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