Hyderabad: Huge fines are no deterrent as citizens continue to break traffic rules

Huge fines are no deterrent as citizens continue to break traffic rules

Huge fines are no deterrent as citizens continue to break traffic rules


  • Over 11,000 challans are issued every day
  • City police commissioner Anjani Kumar urges parents to monitor their children’s activities


Hyderabad: The Hyderabad city police, which used to take months to solve cases, is now cracking them with ease, all thanks to the technology advancement in the last few years. However, its traffic wing is failing miserably to bring the traffic violators to book and further, these violations have been increasing with every passing day.

The factor of growing violations has given a deep jolt to the traffic department as the top brass now feels that no amount of fine can deter the violators. The fines are being levied on motorists for not wearing helmets, triple riding, driving on the wrong side, driving in no entry, stopping ahead of the stop line etc.

However, all the efforts by the department are going futile as challans are failing to deter the motorists from breaking the rules. An officer from the traffic department, on the condition of anonymity, said that the police department could only regulate the system, but not the individual. Unless a person wants to become a law-abiding citizen, nobody can help it, he noted.

"There are lakhs of CCTV cameras installed in the city and challans are issued every day. Still motorists are flouting rules. Though we seize the vehicles for non-payment of challans, the citizens are nonchalant and continue to break the rules. For this reason, the number of seized bikes is piling up at every police station," he added.

Voicing his views on the issue, city police commissioner Anjani Kumar noted, "Is there anything more precious than the lives of young boys. Despite issuing 11,000 electronic challans every day, one can still see many boys riding bikes without helmets or indulging in triple riding. Shouldn't parents take more responsibility?"

He further urged the parents of the youngsters to make their children abide by the rules besides monitoring their activities.

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