Hyderabad: Sadat Nagar mired in civic issues

Sadat Nagar mired in civic issues

Sadat Nagar mired in civic issues


  • Development work takes a back seat
  • No proper sanitation, sewerage system,
  • Dusty roads

Jalpally: Like in the case of the adjoining wards, Sadat Nagar Colony in Ward No 28 has no proper sanitation, dusty roads and lack of sewerage system. Water scarcity adds to the woes of the locals.

These make the colony another impoverished area of the Jalpally municipality.

Children playing in dusty and un-metalled streets, open manholes, heaps of garbage at street corners and trash-strewn roads present a gloomy picture of the colony. Health care measures take a complete back seat.

Located just a few metres away from Barkas, on the city outskirts, the colony links the municipality with Hyderabad in its southern part. As most families come under the category of below the poverty line (BPL), it presents a bleak picture of penury.

Explaining its pathetic condition, a local resident, Abdul Muneeb said, "There is nothing to explain the hardships people face in the absence of proper roads, sewage and sanitation. A visit to the area can easily comprehend what we are going through, despite the fact that we are just a stone throw away from the GHMC limits."

Rued Javid, another resident, "Apart from civic issues, mosquito and dog menace is compounding local people's problems. Sanitation measures, especially garbage collection remain elude for years. Lack of proper sewerage system is one of primary issues that keep haunting them."

Pointed out Mohd Farooq Ahmed, a vegetable seller, "Promises to bedeck the colony with facilities were made time and again; but the situation remains unchanged."

Holding the municipal administration wing responsible for the unhygienic state of affairs in the ward, he said, "What we are witnessing in Sadat Nagar is a startling example of administrative inaction. With no proper patronage from the government, development work takes a back seat. Most promises of a prospering colony are yet to be fulfilled."

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