Hyderabad: Stray dogs 'pet'rify owners in colonies

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Now pet dog-owners are scared of stray dogs in their colonies

Hyderabad: Now pet dog-owners are scared of stray dogs in their colonies. They are scared to come out with their canines for a morning walk in the wake of increasing stray dog menace. A pack of dogs is roaming freely in the colonies and creating panic when the owners come out.

According to animal enthusiasts and activists, any animal that does not receive proper care and is often found at the receiving end of cruel or negligent treatment can display aggression in self- defence. Such incidents are happening because nowadays pet owners are encouraging foreign breeds which are not meant for domestic purpose.

Said Anushka Sarkar, a pet-owner of Jeedimetla,"for the past few days whenever I am taking my pet for a walk I have seen street dogs attack. This is not a new issue; every year during February we come across such situations; many times we have complained to the concerned officials of GHMC to organise sterilisation programmes under animal birth control (ABC). But they are just catching canines from one area and relocating them in another colony. Change of location is making the strays aggressive; this should be stopped. It will be better if strays are taken to animal centres,"

Medha , a social activist and another pet-owner, said, "after recent dog-bite incidents in various colonies a few pet-owners are complaining of attacks on their pets by strays. Such incidents are occurring because people have a tendency and to maintain their status are preferring foreign breeds, including German Shepherd. Labrador, Great Dane, Bulldog and many more. All foreign breeds are not meant for domestic purposes. The Central and State governments should ban new foreign breeds and encourage local dogs so that such attacks may stop."

Said Umesh Reddy, another pet-owner, "It is a challenging task to manage stray dogs. Every morning whenever I am taking my pet for a walk, strays are attacking. This is happening because strays are always neglected and proper care is not given to them. I have stopped taking pets outside. Many representations have been submitted to the concerned GHMC officials to organise anti-Rabies vaccination (ARV) campaigns in residential areas, but they all fell on deaf ears."

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