Hyderabad: Vehicles suffer extensive damage due to floods

Vehicles suffer extensive damage due to floods

Vehicles suffer extensive damage due to floods 


They would cost dearly for owners. Many of them in irreparable condition may have to be junked, say mechanics

Hyderabad: Incessant rains in southern of city have resulted in not just the life of people, but also loss of properties and vehicles too. At least 4000 vehicles have severely damaged in this flooding.

Among the most affected areas of Old City are Hafiz Baba Nagar, Al Jubail Colony, Nabeel Colony, Falaknuma, Chaderghat etc. In these areas people have witnessed their vehicles been washed away in floods but they could it bale to save their own vehicles. The Saturday night turned into a horrific for the residents of Hafiz Baba Nagar, as the colonies of Baba Nagar were flooded due to the overflowing of Balapur lake.

Mohammed Moinuddin, a resident of Baba Nagar B Block who was rescuing his vehicle Activa on Monday morning, said, "Luckily after around 2 days I found my vehicle drowned in water 2 km away from my home which is severely damage, I have identified the vehicle by the number and took the vehicle to the mechanic for repair." He said that the vehicle condition was horrible and was severely damaged, and mechanic said that the entire body was damaged and couldn't repair the vehicle. "It's better to be scrap," said the mechanic to him.

Abrar, a resident of Omer Colony, said his Swift car was totally damaged. Its windshield, doors, seat and the entire body was in worst condition. "When I opened the door the car was filled with mud. It is also difficult to tow the car and take it for repairs." He said that there are hundreds from vehicles which were washed away and was even now kept on roadside in Hafiz Baba Nagar main road. The vehicles also include bikes, autos, cars etc.

According to a 4-wheeler mechanic, videos went viral on social media of vehicles being washed away in floods in Hafiz Baba Nagar. Such cars are may not be repaired at all would have to be just scrapped, he felt. "The vehicles which drowned in water with no damage can be repaired and may cost a minimum of Rs 30,000 for normal vehicles and the electronic vehicles like sedans and XUV models can be repaired with around Rs 1 lakh. It may cost more depending upon the mechanism," said Mohammed Abdul Mannan, a 4-wheeler mechanic at Chandrayanagutta. He said several vehicles were being towed from nearby areas and were kept at the workshop. Most of them are severely damaged and can't be repaired.

Meanwhile, a 2-wheeler mechanic said that a minimum of Rs 2,500 would be required for only inundated vehicles. "And these can be restored by changing air filter, clearing water from silencer, and battery etc. If the vehicles whose bodies are damaged can be have replacement parts and can be charged depending upon vehicles and models," said Mohammed Asif, a mechanic at Falaknuma.

If the vehicle is severely damaged along with chassis, there is no use repairing such vehicles. They can only be junked.

Meanwhile, Al Jubail Colony is still inundated and several vehicles are under water.

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