Hyderabad:Traffic police appeals to public to use Foot-over-bridges




  • Crores of rupees spent on such structures going waste as public keep crossing roads on foot
  • People simply ignoring umpteen requests by authorities to make use of foot-over-bridges and avoid crossing roads on foot
  • A desire to take the shorter route, ‘arduous’ task of climbing steps mainly coming in the way of their full utilisation across the city

Banjara Hills: Foot-over-bridges (FOBs) are often constructed by civic bodies across roads in urban areas to allow pedestrians to cross safely without slowing down the traffic. The GHMC has also brought in use several FoBs in the city keeping in view the safety of pedestrians and spare them the trouble of crossing a busy stretch.

However, denizens of twin cities seem very much reluctant to use FOBs. Climbing the steps of up to 2-storey and getting down seems to be a tough job for them. Any time of the day one can see a large number of pedestrians crossing busiest roads on foot in areas such as Mehdipatnam, Ameerpet, Banjara Hills and Kukatpally, instead of using the facility available. As a result, accidents have become common on the city roads.

Pedestrians continue to walk nonchalantly across the busiest streets, ignoring serious risk to their lives.

Meanwhile, the municipal corporation and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) are planning more FoBs, despite their being idle. "We have to make use of the bridges. Otherwise, what is the use of constructing more? It is simply a waste of the state's budget," said Harish Sharma, an Aarmy officer at Mehdipatnam. "Moreover, when an accident takes place, who will be blamed? Why don't citizens take responsibility too?" questions a traffic police inspector.

A pedestrian at SR Nagar, when asked, replied that it saves him time as he avoids going up and down the stairs. Pedestrians are seen jaywalking with earphones.

A few are carrying children along with them. However, to prevent accidents of pedestrian crossing roads, the Hyderabad Traffic Police started a campaign. They set up posters at all metro stations, asking pedestrians to use steps of the metro station, lifts, escalators, and FOBs.

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