Overthinking takes a toll on recovery, says Covid survivor

Prof Stevenson

Prof Stevenson


  • He did not let fear virus and decided to fight, because he had to live for loved ones
  • Love and affection from family and friends kept me going, he says

Hyderabad: The head of Journalism and Communication department, Osmania University, Prof Stevenson, who has been at the helm of its affairs, was in for a rude shock when he got to know that he had contracted Covid. However, he did not let fear of the virus take him down. He decided to fight because the only thing which he believed was that he has to live for his loved ones.

The professor said, "As soon as news of me being positive spread, many of my friends, family members, and well-wishers contacted me and boosted my morale. It was their love and affection which kept me going. I was always thinking that I have to stay positive and not let circumstances bog me down."

"It all began with a slight fever. Despite taking medicines, the temperature did not subsidence. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to accept the fact that I tested positive. But as things started changing around me and the way doctors treated me with the utmost care, I became more cautious and stay strong," he added.

Stated Prof Stevenson, "After a lot of efforts by my son, I was able to get a bed in the hospital. Doctors treated me really well. During my discharge doctors instructed me to be very careful and asked me to consult them even if there is any slight change in health."

"Following appropriate Covid behaviour is very important for not getting the infection. Most importantly, a person should stop 'overthinking' as it leads to many psychological issues. Though it is not guaranteed that by following the norms one cannot get the virus, a person can remain satisfied that he/she is following the protocols to avoid it, he explained.

However, he comments that "if any person is infected, he should stop overthinking about future, family, children, friends, because all such things will only block recovery. A person should only think that he/she can recover and should only concentrate on the process, rather than overthinking about all uncertainties."

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