Power demand in city at new high in May

Power demand in city at new high in May

Consumption of electricity in the city has reached a new record with Hyderabad’s daily demand for power reaching 3,391 Mega Watts.

Hyderabad: Consumption of electricity in the city has reached a new record with Hyderabad's daily demand for power reaching 3,391 Mega Watts. The highest power demand in the city registered 10 per cent increase over highest power consumption last year in the city which stood at 2,950 mw, according to the Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited (TSSPDCL).289.93 million units (MUs) were excessively consumed over period March to May in Hyderabad.

If the consumption of electricity keeps on increasing in the same way, there might be a days when we will have to charge Rs 20-50 a unit, said an official. 2015.08 MUs consumption was observed in May which was 9.8% higher than 1,725.15 MUs in March.

Highest power consumption so far in Greater Hyderabad is 73.94 MUs, which was observed on May 29. Around 65 MUs were consumed per day in May 2019, whereas the consumption was limited to 57 MUs in May 2018. The increasing demand for the power also includes additional connections.

More than 4 lakh connections were approved in the latest two years. "The increasing demand is mainly because of higher use of air conditioners, fans, and water pumping motors during the summer months and the hike is across the city," says Rajesh, Assistant Engineer, TSSPDCL.

Why tariff is proportional to consumption

In all states, the tariff structures for residential consumers are designed in such a way that per unit charge is less if your consumption is less and more if your consumption is more. In fact, it increases significantly as you increase your electricity consumption.

First 100 units: Rs 2.96/unit

Next 200 units (from 101 to 300): Rs 5.56/unit

Next 200 units (from 301 to 500): Rs 9.16/unit

Any units after that (above 500): Rs 10.61/unit

So, taking the above case, if your consumption is less than 100 units, you just pay Rs 2.96 per unit. But if your consumption increases beyond 500 units, every unit above 500 is charged at Rs 10.61 per unit.

So, if you consumed 540 units in a month, your bill will be calculated as:

First 100 units @ Rs 2.96 = Rs 296

Next 200 units @ Rs 5.56 = Rs 1112

Next 200 units @ Rs 9.16 = Rs 1832

Final 40 units @ Rs 10.61= Rs 424.4

Thus, you pay higher amounts per unit as your consumption increases. The motive behind such structure is to motivate people to consume less electricity.

Summer sees power bills shooting up

Electricity bills in May were far higher than those for the month of March, say consumers. K Aparna from Citizen Colony said "In the month of May managing house becomes a task when more than half of the money is spent on electricity bills during summer.

We paid 5000 in the month of May, but in March we had paid only 600." Another housemaker of Golnaka, R Sudha, said "I had to pay 4000 in the month of May and 550 in March. It becomes difficult to plan whole month budget when bills cross more than the limit in summer. People spend time indoors which leads to usage of more electronic items in summer."

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