Reflection of nature and emotions

Reflection of nature and emotionsCiddula Krishna

Artist Ciddula Krishna's abstract work displayed at Iconart Gallery is a mix of nature and emotions Artist...

Artist Ciddula Krishna's abstract work displayed at Iconart Gallery is a mix of nature and emotions

Artist Ciddula Krishna, who is by profession, a visualiser at Police Academy, Himayatsagar, paints expressionist art where nature is his predominant theme, while emotions find a place through strokes of colours. For his body of work 'Abstract Nature', the artist has used high contrast, high key colours depicting the blazing nature. "I used a variety of techniques which involve strokes, waves, nature and free flow of fresh movement," Krishna says.

"I loved to painting since childhood. My guru was Kapu Rajaiah from Siddipet. Currently I am doing doctorate in art and pursuing professional art. Through my works I choose to show the glory of nature. And so, I tried to incorporate the many colours of nature like red, brown and green etc." he shares.

Though, there are not from any specific landscape of any place there are more of an internal subconscious abstraction that allow us to feel the presence of bright flowers, sea and mountain. Some depict gardens, water, trees with different aspects and others are figurative which involve human figures.

Krishna elaborates, "This are basically expressionist paintings, which means within an abstract category you will express emotions. Here, nature means two things; one is a landscape, which includes plants, water, mountains and clouds etc.

Nature also means the expression of the artist (my emotions). The subject is nature, but the style of painting is basically an emoting my emotions. I used elements of water, mountain, clouds etc." Through the 40 works displayed at the gallery, we can see the artist's transition and expression of his emotional outburst.

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