Bank robbery attempt fails in Palamaneru rural

Strangers drilled a big hole to bank wall for entering inside

Strangers drilled a big hole to bank wall for entering inside


Strangers drilled the big hole to bank building and entered inside They Used gas cutters and other equipment to cut bank strong room door By alertness of villagers big robbery missed narrowly Police started investigation in all angles

Tirupati: In a cinematic way three strangers tried to loot the SapthaGiri Grameena Bank of Kolamasana Palle village of Plamaneru Mandal in Chittoor District, On Wednesday wee hours. Fortunately, by alertness of the same villagers this big bank robbery attempt was failed. In fact it would happen that bank money and gold at least Rs 5 to 6 crores will be looted by the strangers.

According to Palamenru CI JayaRamaiah, three strangers have reached Kolamasana Palle village for robbery around 12 am. First they drilled a big hole to the bank building backside wall and entered into the bank through that hole. Later, they succeeded in breaking the bank strong door by using gas welding cutters. During that time the adjacent house residing person woke up for urination and heard some sounds from the bank building. Immediately he called the bank staff who are living in the same village. Around 1 am, including bank staff, few villagers reached the bank premises and shouted loudly to alert all . By the villagers' shouts, strangers who were already inside the bank flew from there into fields.

During that time villagers dialed to phone number 100 and passed the information about the bank robbery attempt, After receiving the information Plamaneru CI Jayaramaiah, SI Nagaru and their staff reached the village, but it was too late already three strangers escaped from inside the bank.

In the robbery attempt strangers acted as well planned and used modern equipment to drill the bank building wall and cut the strong room lock and CC Camera wires too. Came to know that if this bank robbery would happen at least Rs 5 to 6 crores worth gold and cash will be looted by the alleged robbers. Chittoor SP S SenthilKumar enquired about the bank robber attempt and instructed the police officials concerned to catch the culprits.

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