Nadu-Nedu helps govt schools get much-needed facelift

Nadu-Nedu helps govt schools get much-needed facelift

Nadu-Nedu helps govt schools get much-needed facelift 


  • Chittoor on top in executing the scheme
  • The district receives Rs 601 crore under Nadu-Nedu in two phases
  • Over 70 per cent of the 2 842 schools in the district have been covered so far
  • The remaining schools will be covered under the second phase
  • The scheme facilitated govt schools in the district get a corporate touch thus motivating parents to get their wards admitted into the schools

Chittoor: It is heartening that the government's development initiative `Manabadi Nadu-Nedu' saw the government schools getting the much needed facelift, boosting education more so in the rural areas which are still lagging behind in educational facilities compared to urban areas.

The border district Chittoor reaped the benefit more in the sense of implementing the development initiative effectively which was evident with the district standing first in the execution of the scheme both in the first phase and also in the second phase improving facilities in government schools in a big way.

More than 70 per cent of the 2 842 schools in the district were covered so far while the remaining schools are going to be covered soon under the second phase. Ramadevi, president, ZP School Parents Committee, Kumbarapalli in V Kota mandal, said thanks to 'Mana Badi- Nadu-Nedu', Rs 62 lakh works were taken up, providing all the required facilities like spacious class room with furniture, lighting, green chalkboard, English Lab for English education and more importantly toilets with running water.

The painting gave an attractive look to the schools and also depicted educational pictures for the school children, she said beamingly that the once lackluster school turned into a shining and congenial school to the children.

She cheeringly said, "My 12-year-old daughter Monika (studying in the school) said that it was unbelievable for her that her school turned so coloirful and having all facilities beating private schools is suffice to say that Nadu-Nedu ushered in a new era for government schools in the State."

The planned approach coupled with officers and staff renewed efforts saw the government schools in the district getting a corporate touch, kindling interest among parents and children to study in government schools, District Collector M Hari Narayanan said thanking the district staff for achieving first place in Nadu-Nedu execution in the State.

The district received Rs 601 crore under Nadu-Nedu in two phases, the Collector said. In the first phase, nine components including toilet with running water, drinking water, electrification with fans and lights, major and minor repairs, furniture for students and staff, green chalkboard, painting,

English Lab and compound wall and in the second phase additional classrooms and kitchen shed were added, he said explaining facilities being provided in the schools for improving them.

Many of the parents and teachers in one voice said there is no second opinion that Nadu-Nedu helped the government schools getting direly needed financial support to acquire all required facilities, rejuvenating the State-run schools and giving them a corporate touch to compete with the private schools.

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