Jogaiah, Mudragada sore over Pawan

Jogaiah, Mudragada sore over Pawan

Mudragada expresses disappointment over JSP chief not visiting him

Vijayawada: Kapu senior leaders expressed unhappiness over the remarks of Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan’s remarks asking his followers not to give advice and simply follow him as Jana Sainiks. Kapu Nadu senior leader Mudragada Padmanabham wrote a letter to Pawan Kalyan expressing concern over failure of Pawan Kalyan’s promise to meet him at his residence in Kirlampudi.

Stating that Pawan failed to recognise him as he is not a glamorous actor like himself (Pawan) and has no popularity among people.

Padmanabham said that he pinned high hopes on Pawan Kalyan to establish new political system and preferred to sail with him. He said that Pawan should have demanded 80 seats and Chief Minister post for two years as part of alliance with TDP. He said that he came to understand that Jana Sena chief has no independence to take decisions himself.

In another letter, Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah expressed helplessness as the Jana Sena leader is not in a position to accept advice of senior leaders. It may be noted that Harirama Jogaiah suggested power sharing for Jana Sena including CM post for Pawan Kalyan from the beginning.

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