Possibility of Pak internal groups targeting Hafiz Saeed can't be ruled out

Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed


There are sections in the Pakistani society who feel that those of the likes of Hafeez Saeed, Sajid Mir, Asghar Rauf, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi are elements who are solely responsible for the ever deteriorating relations between New Delhi and Islamabad.

There are sections in the Pakistani society who feel that those of the likes of Hafeez Saeed, Sajid Mir, Asghar Rauf, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi are elements who are solely responsible for the ever deteriorating relations between New Delhi and Islamabad. Hence the possibility of internal groups targeting Saeed cannot be ruled out, sources said.

There have also been serious differences among the various militant group leaders in Pakistan in the past. For instance serious differences had emerged between Lakhvi, the Kashmir operations head of the LeT, and Saeed some time ago, which led to Lakhvi relocating his boys to Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). The blast to target Saeed being a result of such rivalries cannot be ruled out.

Eventually Pakistan needs to realise that Saeed is a designated terrorist and has blood on his hands over the years, they added.

The sources said Pakistan is in a desperate situation to cleanse its own image and be accepted by the civilised world. The clean image exercise will be extremely crucial for Pakistan to be accepted by the west especially at a time when Pakistan will be dependent on the west in order to sustain the security situation in the region post US withdrawal.

In trying to cleanse its image Pakistan would also try to project India as involved in playing spoil sport and disturbing the apparent peace and security in the region. Pakistan would thus try and portray any likely attack on targets "not in the good books of India", as an act carried out by India, they added.

In the past, Pakistan has been able to generate forged alibi supporting it's contention of Indian hand in such acts and would most likely do so in this case too. Pakistan has been able to create narratives based on false flag operations through a well coordinated action plan involving the media as well.

The investigation into the recent planted bomb blast in a vehicle parked close to the residence of Mumbai terror attack mastermind and chief of proscribed organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) in Lahore has concluded and has claimed to have found concrete evidence that the attack was orchestrated by the Indian intelligence agency, RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

Pakistan's National Security Advisor (NSA) Moeed Yousaf said that the Lahore blast, aimed at a "high value target" was planned and directed through Indian sponsorship.

"I want to make sure that our message is heard very clearly that this particular incident on June 23 in Lahore. We have concrete evidence and intelligence including financial and telephone records that point to direct Indian sponsorship of these terrorists.

"We have identified the main mastermind and the handlers of this terrorist attack and we have absolutely no doubt or reservation in informing you that the main mastermind belongs to RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is an Indian national and is based in India," he added.

Yousaf claimed that the main mastermind has been identified through forensic analysis and electronic equipment recovered from the terrorists.

Sharing more information of the investigation, he highlighted that thousand of cyber attacks targeted at investigative infrastructure were also witnessed after the Lahore terror attack.

"I would also like to say that very unusually we have evidence of thousand of attempt of cyber attacks against our critical investigative infrastructure right after this attack on June 23 in Lahore.

"These attacks and the number and sophistication in some cases leave no doubt the state sponsorship and state linkage in this case. Our cyber security is strong enough that we were able to thwart these attempts," he added.

Explaining on the reason of these attacks, Yousaf said that these attacks were being carried out by India as it "wanted to buy time to deflect attention and to avoid the attention and capture of these terrorists we managed to do".

The NSA also claimed that investigations revealed that terror financing, made to execute the Lahore Blast, links were directly originating from India where the money was transferred through third country to Pakistan.

The main suspect behind the attack, who parked the explosives-laden vehicle near the house of Saeed in Joher Town Lahore, the NSA said the man was of Afghan origin and had been raised in Pakistan.

"Eid Gul possessed a local national identity card being issued to Afghan refugees. Let me also say the main executor Eid Gul has an Afghan origin, was here lived in Pakistan, executed this attack and we as a state of Pakistan has been constantly telling this to the world that millions of law abiding Afghan refugees are given a bad name and Pakistan is blamed when these actors go and hide in these refugee settlements. And then, Pakistan is questioned why 1 or 2 people who are terrorists who are miscreants could not be apprehended," Yousaf insisted.

"I think it is high time that the international community stop turning a blind eye and play a constructive and the legally binding role for the safety of innocent Pakistanis if they really serious about peace and stability in this region," the NSA concluded.

On June 23, a powerful bomb blast, conducted through an improvised explosive device, planted in a vehicle parked close to Saeed's resident in Joher town Lahore, claimed at least three lives, while at least 24 others were injured.

It was said that the explosive laden vehicle had at least 30 kg of explosives in it and its aim was to target the residence of the JuD chief.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated the quick and prompt investigation done by the law enforcement agencies, calling on the international community to take note of what he called "India's rogue behaviour".

"I appreciate the diligence and speed of Punjab Police's Counter Terrorism Department in unearthing the evidence and commend the excellent coordination of all our civil and military intelligence agencies," he wrote in a tweet.

"Planning and financing of this heinous terror attack have links to Indian sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan. Global community must mobilize international institutions against this rogue behaviour."

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