US foresees civil war in Afghanistan

US foresees civil war in Afghanistan

US foresees civil war in Afghanistan 


US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley says a new civil war could see a resurgence of ‘terrorist’ groups in the country

Kabul: As the Taliban are still fighting it out with the Resistance forces for Panjshir and their government formation announcement is also getting delayed, US chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley predicts that there is a probability of a broader civil war, which will lead to a reconstitution of al Qaeda or a growth of ISIS.

The pace at which the Taliban defeated the Afghan army and captured one province after another has, for the first time, been stunted in Panjshir valley, where the anti-Taliban forces are being led by Ahmad Massoud and Afghanistan's former Vice President Amrullah Saleh.

With the battle for Panjshir going on, reports of Taliban-Haqqani power tussle has also surfaced, indicating that the Taliban's rise to power will not be as smooth as it was thought seeing its lightning advances in Afghanistan. Reports said about 600 Taliban have been killed in Panjshir while more than 1,000 Taliban have been captured.

This comes after the Taliban claimed victory over Panjshir amid reports of massive bloodbath in the valley. A Taliban source said fighting was continuing in Panjshir but the advance had been slowed by landmines placed on the road to the capital Bazarak and the provincial governor's compound. The Panjshir leaders have been reaching out to the international bodies highlighting the humanitarian crisis created by the Taliban.

"I think there's at least a very good probability of a broader civil war," said Milley. He also commented on the US's exit and the unexpected fall of the Afghan army. He said the collapse of the Afghan army happened at a much faster rate than was expected by anybody.

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