Coronavirus vaccine: From fever to body aches; know all about the common symptoms

Coronavirus vaccine: From fever to body aches; know all about the common symptoms

Coronavirus vaccine


Coronavirus vaccine: So far in India, no adverse impact of the vaccines under trial has been reported. Experts say symptoms that go away within 24 hours are considered normal.

Coronavirus vaccine: Amid growing concerns about the efficiency of Covid-19 vaccines in development, several participants in Moderna and Pfizer's human trial program reported high fever, body aches, headaches, and exhaustion. However, experts say these are common for any vaccine and are not cause for alarm.

Find the latest Covid-19 vaccine developments from around the world:

1. Clinical trials of Astrazeneca and the Oxford University vaccine were resumed in Japan after it was stopped following Astrazeneca's recognition of the severe disease in two cases. Trials are already underway in the UK, Brazil, India and South Africa.

2. The United States has not yet allowed AstraZeneca to resume its trial in the country.

3. In India no contrary effect of Astrazeneca vaccine injections has been reported.

4. Some participants may develop a fever right after receiving a vaccine, but experts say that it is considered a mild reaction.

5. One participant of Moderna's trial developed "a grade three fever, which is classified as 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit (39°C) or above, after receiving the lower vaccine dose", Reuters reported. Another developed such severe fatigue that it hampered daily activities. Still, these side effects last for only one day.

Antisera as a Covid-19 vaccine

The Indian Council for Medical Research, in association with a Hyderabad-based biopharmaceutical company, has developed "highly purified antisera" by injecting inactivated SARS-CoV2 into horses, which may be a potential treatment for COVID-19. Antisera are blood serum that is high in antibodies to specific antigens and are injected into humans to help reactivate the immune system to fight specific infections.

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