Gujarat man solders girlfriend's privates

Gujarat man solders girlfriends privates

A 30-year-old from Ahmedabad allegedly branded his girlfriend’s private parts with a soldering iron, suspecting she was having an affair with someone else.


The FIR the victim registered says , "On April 25, Kamlesh Parmar went to complainant's home and kept asking her whether she was having an affair with some other man and who that man was. He then punched her over the right eye and kept hitting her. He then verbally abused her, pulled off her pyjamas and branded her leg and private parts with a soldering iron,".

The man, however, seems to be well versed with affairs himself. He was living with the complainant for two and a half years, despite having a wife himself. He was well aware of his wife's disappointment with his affair. The victim is a divorcee, and was living with the man post her divorce, who cautioned him to cut ties with his wife knowing her dismay with them. This triggered a set of harrassment incidents, where the man beat her and abused her verbally.

The complainant approached Sola High Court police station on Tuesday evening.

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