Keep working hard keep looking forward- there is 'No failure in Science' says Modi

Keep working hard keep looking forward- there is

Today we may have confronted a roadblock however that should not cut down our certainty. It should not stop us from achieving our objectives.

Today we may have confronted a roadblock however that should not cut down our certainty. It should not stop us from achieving our objectives.

Despite all that has occurred through our numerous missions, our ups and low points, we push ahead with courage and considerably more assurance.

The Moon arrival of Chandrayaan 2 might not have gone as planned, there are few frontiers to discover. Many more opportunities will come.

We will adapt to the situation and scale more up to date statures of achievement.

To our scientists need to state India is with you! You are remarkable experts who have gained a mind-boggling commitment to national ground.

You all are those who etch your name on stone, not in sand

Today our purpose to contact the moon has fortified.

All of you are the individuals who engraving your name on stone, not in sand.

All of you came close... as close as one could be to progress. Gain from your experience and push ahead, look forward and carry on the work you do, for there will be numerous open doors ahead, numerous missions ahead.

I salute all of you (researchers), yet in addition, your families, for their commitment is invaluable towards all of you accomplishing such a great amount throughout the years.

There will be another sunrise and a more brilliant tomorrow very soon.

Our Team worked hard, went far and those lessons will consistently stay with us. The learnings from today will make us more grounded and better.

As significant as the last outcome is the adventure and the exertion. I can gladly say that the exertion was justified, despite all the trouble as was the voyage.

What's more, the way of life at ISRO to never surrender is in the very establishment and centre of your association and qualities.

Strength and perseverance are vital to India's ethos. In our radiant history, we have confronted minutes that may have eased back us however they have never squashed our soul.

We have skipped back again and proceeded to do fantastic things.

This is the reason our civilisation stands tall.

ISRO is perceived by the world as one of the best space organizations. Regardless of where I travel, the name that ISRO has made for itself is something that makes the country pleased with all of you.

Continue working hard, continue looking forward. Set your eyes past the skies. ISRO tells the country the best way to look past the stars, not think back. Today, we should all look forward, not think back and be baffled.

We will prevail without a doubt. In the following endeavour of this mission and each other mission, the achievement will be our own.

There will never a failure in science, there is always learning in science.

I have not come here to advise. I have come here to learn from all of you, to be inspired by you all.

ISRO has numerous a lot more missions to anticipate. There will be numerous open doors later on, carry on your great work and consistently recall, the Nation, all of us, are remaining behind you in full help.

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