Lakhs of people witnessed Grand Jambu Savari

Lakhs of  people witnessed Grand Jambu Savari

Lakhs of people witnessed world famous Mysuru dasara Jambu savari on Tuesday.

Mysuru : Lakhs of people witnessed world famous Mysuru dasara Jambu savari on Tuesday. From 4:40 PM to 5:00 PM, during the auspicious Meena Lagna, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah initiated the Jambu Savari procession by offering floral tributes to the idol of Mother Chamundeshwari seated enthroned in a golden ambari. Elephant team Captain Abhimanyu brought 750 kg howdah in the palace courtyard, escorting the goddess as she approached the Chamundeshwari statue , offering flowers and touching the goddess. DCM DK Shivakumar, District In-charge Minister Dr. H.C. Mahadevappa, Mayor Sivakumar, DC Dr. KV Rajendra, and City Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth were present during this significant event.

After Abhimanyu arrived at the palace stage carrying the golden ambari, the National Anthem was played. Subsequently, 21 canon shots fired before Jambu Savari.

Abhimanyu proceeded from the palace courtyard to Bannimantapa, transporting the golden ambari. As Kumki elephants, Lakshmi and Vijaya elephants marched on the left and right side of Ambari, with former captain Arjuna as the nishane elephant, Dhananjaya as Nauphat elephant, and other elephants passed in line. . Another highlight was the participation of 200 members of the royal family along with the Jambu savari with traditional royal dress.

The entire route from the palace courtyard to Bannimantapa covers a distance of 5 km. The grand procession was enriched by 49 tableaus , over 50 art troupes, a police band troop, and the majestic Jambu ride.

To ensure security during the Jambu Savari procession, barricades have been set up along Rajpath on both sides of Albert Victor Road and New Sayajirao Road. Barricade fortifications have been established at various key locations including Rajpatha Chamaraja Circle, Krishnaraja Circle, and Sir M. Visvesvaraya Circles to restrict public access.

A crowd of 25,000 to 30,000 people have been seated in the palace courtyard to witness the Jambu ride, while an audience of 4 to 5 lakh people watched the procession along Rajpath. Only individuals with authorized passes, including gold passes, are allowed into the palace premises. Special seating arrangements were made for the Chief Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Speaker, and MLAs. The High Court and Supreme Court justices have also been accommodated, while gold card holders have seating arranged in front of the palace.

In anticipation of potential security threats, a police cordon has been established throughout Mysore city for the festival, with over 4,300 policemen deployed. A security detail is in place under the supervision of 15 SPs, incorporating the K.S.R.P., D.A.R., and the armed reserve force. Strategic and sensitive locations have seen an increase in security, with authorities monitoring individuals who behave suspiciously.

In areas along the Jambu Savari route, road traffic was closed during the afternoon, permitting one-way traffic from 12 noon onwards on roads surrounding the palace and those leading to Jambu Savari. After the Jambu Savari progresses from the palace premises to Bannimantapa, the spectacular torch light parade was conducted , Adventure shows also held, marking the culmination of the Mysore Dasara festivities.

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