Let's all care about Pollution - Clean Air Is Your Right, Procure it!


Increasing Pollution during the last century has caused many changes in biological and genetic characteristics of species on earth.

Increasing Pollution during the last century has caused many changes in biological and genetic characteristics of species on earth. Pollution can be considered as one of the causes of a decrease in the average life span of human beings and the extinction of some of the species on earth.

As pollution surrounded all around us. Indoors, Outdoors, in cities and in the countryside. It affects all of us, whether we realize it or not. For the longest time, we have taken the air we breathe for granted. There was air, there were smells, there was cold wind, there was hot air.

During a survey, it spotted a light on some rather worrisome aspects of what the air around us really contains, and how it affects our bodies. And the more we learn, the more we come to realize that this essential source of life for the planet needs some serious taking care of. Without air, there can be no life but breathing polluted air condemns us to a life of disease and early death.

As everyone knows that air pollution harms there is no excuse not to act. All one can do is Reduce and eliminate air pollution from our lives.

A Red siren for Polluted Air as it is creating a health emergency

Air pollution has become hazardous to everyone now from unborn babies to newborns to children walking to school, to women cooking over open fires.

On the street and inside the house, we can't escape the sources of air pollution as they can be very different, yet their effects are equally deadly asthma, other respiratory illnesses and heart disease are among the adverse health effects known to be caused by polluted air.

Did you know that every year According to the World Health Organization, around 7 million premature deaths are attributable to air pollution- a staggering 800 people every hour or 13 every minute? Overall, air pollution is responsible for more deaths than many other risks, including malnutrition, alcohol use, and physical inactivity.

Children are prone to High Risk

Globally 93% of all children breathe air that contains high concentrations of pollutants than the World Health Organization (WHO) considers safe to human health. As a result, 600,000 children die prematurely every year because of air pollution. As if that were not enough, exposure to dirty air also harms brain development, leading to cognitive and motor impairments, while at the same time putting children at greater risk for chronic disease later in life.

Household air pollution is really harmful to women and children due to their traditional home-based roles in many cultures.

The cheaper the fuels, the higher the costs.

The right to clean air is a Human Right it's our responsibility

The right to a healthy environment enjoys constitutional status- the strongest form of legal protection available - in more than 100 countries. At least 155 states are legally obligated, through treaties, constitutions, and legislation, to respect, protect and fulfill the right to a healthy environment.

Are you ready to take action as a Human?

Find out How? how you can do to involve your business, school, and families. Call on your Government to enforce the World Health Organization guidelines for ambient and indoor air quality

let's all Remember, Clean air is your Right! let's procure it!

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