Opposition Criticizes PM Modi's Allegations Of Wealth Distribution By Congress

Opposition Criticizes PM Modis Allegations Of Wealth Distribution By Congress

  • Criticism mounts as Prime Minister Narendra Modi accuses the Congress of planning to distribute the nation's wealth to specific groups, prompting swift rebuttals and accusations of creating division.
  • Get insights into the heated exchanges and political dynamics surrounding the issue."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced criticism from the opposition following his assertion that if the Congress were to come to power, it would distribute the nation's wealth to those with larger families. Speaking at a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, PM Modi accused the Congress of planning to allocate resources to "infiltrators" and families with more children.

The Congress swiftly responded, refuting the Prime Minister's claims and accusing him of sowing discord between Hindus and Muslims. Rahul Gandhi, a Congress leader, accused PM Modi of attempting to deflect attention from pressing issues facing the nation.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi condemned PM Modi's remarks, accusing him of exploiting Muslims for votes while their wealth was being utilized to enrich others. Former Congress leader Kapil Sibal expressed disappointment in PM Modi's statement, lamenting its impact on the country.

On the other hand, BJP General Secretary BL Santhosh asserted that PM Modi's speech had unsettled the opposition, particularly regarding the issue of wealth redistribution.

During the Banswara rally, PM Modi referenced former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement regarding the primary claim of Muslims on the nation's resources. He criticized the Congress manifesto's proposal to assess gold holdings and suggested that the wealth would be distributed among those with larger families and infiltrators, posing the question of whether citizens approved of such allocation of resources.

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