Anand Mahindra shared new champs of jugaad

Anand Mahindras shared new champs of jugaad

Anand Mahindra's shared new champs of 'jugaad'


On Twitter, Mahindra shared an image showing a man riding a modified motorcycle.

Anand Mahindra's latest post proves that the Indians are not the only champions of 'jugaad'. The Hindi word, which translates to a smart trick or innovative solution, has long been used to mean the Indian spirit of ingenuity and enterprise. However, this image of a man and his modified motorcycle shows that when it comes to jugaad, we aren't the only ones doing it.

On Twitter, Mahindra shared an image showing a man riding a modified motorcycle. The caption he shared explains more about the vehicle and his concerns regarding the title of "jugaad champions" awarded to the Indians.

Anand Mahindra wrote: "It was sent to me by a friend in the United States," wrote the Mahindra Group president as he shared the image. "We may be in danger of losing our 'jugaad' championship title!

Mr Mahindra admitted that he needed to see the vehicle in action to have quite a few applications. "This gent seems to have hooked a Mahindra loader attachment to his bike! Need to see it in action, but it could turn actually out to have applications out here..." he further added.

The image received more than a thousand 'likes' within some time of being published. Many people commented and tried to guess what the modified vehicle could be used for.

Mr Mahindra's post has sparked conversations among people. While some shared hilarious reactions, others voiced their opinions on why the vehicle won't run efficiently. Some also urged Anand Mahindra to take this idea and design a new vehicle.

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