Top Trending Videos Of The Week (25 September - October 1)

Top Trending Videos

Top Trending Videos


Throughout the week, other trending videos were released that kept the audience entertained.

Throughout the week, other trending videos were released that kept the audience entertained. Here are a few of the videos that have been trending this week.

A trending video has gone viral in which a puppy is seen chasing a butterfly. It sat on the puppy's nose and paws as it flew about him. The 35-second video was uploaded on Twitter by @hopkinsBRFC21 after it was posted to TikTok by a social media user.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Puppy Playing With A Butterfly

In the viral video, a guy is seen driving a car while his daughter sits in the back seat. In the viral video, the father is having a chat with his daughter, in which he emphasises the significance of following rules and the consequences of breaking them. After that, the man is spotted driving on the wrong side of the road. Enraged, the tiny girl interrogates him about the traffic regulation he just disobeyed and corrects her father. He reprimands the young girl for breaking the rules and promises that he would be stricter with her in the future to avoid similar incidents.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Small Girl Teaching Importance For Following The Traffic Rules

A popular social media video shows a couple dancing happily hand-in-hand as they enter the wedding venue. They didn't anticipate, however, that they would end up sliding off the stage where they were supposed to dance their hearts out.

Watch The Trending Video Of A Couple Insanely Dancing On Their Wedding

An agitated elephant in a viral video charged towards a bus in Tamil Nadu, shattering its windshield. On Saturday morning, a state-owned bus was conveying government personnel from Kotagiri to Mettupalayam when tragedy struck. As passengers screamed in terror, a witness on board the bus captured video of the elephant racing at the glass and shattering it with its tusks. Furthermore, the elephant attack video has been seen over 70,000 times on Twitter, sparking indignation.

Watch The Trending Video Of An Enraged Elephant Smashes Bus Windshield In Tamil Nadu

There are numerous excellent instructional videos available on the internet, and one such video is currently trending and might be very useful in mastering the art of self-defense. Robin, a self-defense coach from the United States, demonstrated how to strike a strong punch while wearing artificial nails or acrylics in the viral video. Since its release, the viral video has received over 4 lakh views. Netizens complimented the instructor's efforts and thanked him for the video he produced.

Watch The Trending Video Of US Self-Defence Instructor Showing How To Punch With Fake Nails

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