Quirky visual communication

Quirky visual communication

Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad is exhibiting art works of upto 200 paintings, prints and sculptures bringing to the city works from 25 artists.

Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad is exhibiting art works of upto 200 paintings, prints and sculptures bringing to the city works from 25 artists. This includes names like Archana Biswas, Kiran Thondoju, Layanya Dutt, Nageshwar Rao T, Pramod Reddy, Shravan Kumar GK, Vani CH, Vikram C, Vimala M among others. The works are on display until December 11 and are priced in the range of Rs 2,000 to Rs 50,000.

Speaking to The Hans India, Avani Rao Gandra owner of Icon Art Gallery said, “Galleries largely exhibit and sell works of new artists. Well-known artists in the city have faithful customers that approach them directly. Art educates people and express its value so it should be a part of life. This week the city will preview first time paintings and sculptures on display, which will be high in value of works and it will be interesting to see the response from our buyers.”

Artist Vani CH shared about her work, “My painting is basically about Buddha. For me art meant to communicate with people. I did many landscapes and solo art. So I am painting the motifs of our Kalamkari designs and I modified it into my style. Lord Buddha taught us many things like Ahinsa. He told us to concentrate mind on the present moment. What you think you become.

“I applied it in my paintings,” she said. “The main element is ‘tree and its life’. The title is Ahinsa and Buddha- I am trying to give message that we need to save nature with that tree. I painted Buddha because I read his books and I’m impressed by his ideologies.”

Artist Vikram C explaining about his work, says, “I work as sculpture artist. I am working on human elements and their thoughts; nature always inspired me. Last year I went to Srinagar. I did a workshop on sculpture there and worked on mountains and trees and their surroundings that inspired me a lot. I mostly work on bottles and make human element from it.

“That’s what I wanted to present with this material. I used mix media colour in every element and worked on glass,” he said. GK Shravan Kumar shares about his work, “As I hail from a rural background, I grew up watching the beautiful visuals of village atmosphere, activities of villagers, and their lovely traditional folk culture. So, I am recollecting my memories and my paintings are its recreation in the form of contemporary figurative style.”

The works by artist Vimala Maroju are based on ‘the observation of self in an urban context and the Stories of Feminine Identity’. She says, “My father was a goldsmith I was influenced by his profession and turned as an artist. I do painting on feminine gold ornaments, attires, and paint feelings by observing in the urban culture.”

Artist G Pramod Reddy shares, “My work is a depiction of Indian mythology, especially Ramayana and Vishnu Puranas. My paintings evolve through the incidents of the great Indian epics which reflect traditional and cultural aspect of India. They are unique in that it has multiple layers, textures and solid applications.”

By Heena Mishra

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