Much ado over DL's press meet

Much ado over DLs press meet

Hyderabad: A high dose of drama was witnessed at Congress Legislature Party (CLP) office on Tuesday as DL Ravindra Reddy, who was sacked from the...

Hyderabad: A high dose of drama was witnessed at Congress Legislature Party (CLP) office on Tuesday as DL Ravindra Reddy, who was sacked from the State Cabinet recently, was forced to hold a press conference at Assembly Media Point instead of the CLP office. Reportedly, he is the second minister to be denied permission to hold a press conference in CLP after being sacked from the council of ministers. Earlier after DL announced to hold a press meet at CLP office, the staff, which had first opened the conference hall, hurriedly locked the room stating that the office was busy as the chief whip would hold a press conference at 1 pm and hence no one else was allowed to hold a press meet at that time. Fearing that Ravindra Reddy might create trouble, police bandobast was also arranged there.
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Ravindra Reddy, who reached CLP at around 1 pm, was shocked to see the room locked. He called on Speaker N Manohar and lodged a complaint with him. Manohar assured him that he would take appropriate action against the erring staff after enquiring into the matter. When DL returned to the CLP office and found the conference room open, again he was prevented from addressing the media. He was told that another press conference was already scheduled there. DL then decided to talk to the media at the Assembly media point. Here too, the police tried to stall his interaction with the press, but a miffed Ravindra Reddy told them not to interfere further and they had to retreat. Reacting to the insult meted out to him, who has been in politics for 35 years, Ravindra Reddy said that he knew how to deal with these 'chamchas and bacchas.' Later, denying the allegations, Congress chief whip Gandra Venkata Ramana Reddy told the media that since his press conference was scheduled at the same time, he had only asked DL to wait for 15 minutes.
Sacked minister launches verbal attack against CM
  • Says will not be cowed down by the dismissal
  • Demands an explanation from the CM
Hyderabad: Expressing displeasure and anger over being sacked from the council of ministers, DL Ravindra Reddy said that Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy demanded an explanation for removing him from the cabinet in an undemocratic manner. Addressing reporters at the Assembly media point, Reddy said that he would be holding a meeting with his voters and party workers and then take a final decision on the further course of action. At the same time, he said that he was a Congressman to the core and was committed to protect the party and its president Sonia Gandhi. "The Chief Minister should answer if this is the gift given to me for being a loyal Congressman for 35 years," he said. Ravindra Reddy, who returned from London on Monday, stated that the State legislature and the legislators need to learn a lot about democracy and should follow those practices in letter and spirit. Launching a diatribe against Kiran, he said in 2012 using his prerogative, Kiran took away a part of the portfolio without informing him in advance, which forced him to write a letter to AICC president Sonia Gandhi protesting against the manner in which he was being 'ill treated' by Kiran. DL said that he was not a tainted minister nor did he violate the constitution. "I am supposed to be loyal to the people and not be a 'chamcha' of the Chief Minister or be loyal to him. If someone does good work I will appreciate it and if something is not proper I will criticise it," he said.
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