Defections, a bane to democracy: JCV

Defections, a bane to democracy: JCV

Speakers at a seminar organised by Jana Chaitanya Vedika on ‘Defections-Democracy in Peril\' in unison sought concrete steps to check defections of legislators which they said is a bane to democracy.

Tirupati: Speakers at a seminar organised by Jana Chaitanya Vedika on ‘Defections-Democracy in Peril' in unison sought concrete steps to check defections of legislators which they said is a bane to democracy.

JCV president V Lakshma Reddy said that the defection of legislators though started in 1967 in Haryana, turned alarming with the parties in power despite having an absolute majority unabashedly and openly promoting defections with a sole aim of wiping out the Opposition parties.

Citing the defection of Opposition MLAs to the ruling party in the two Telugu speaking States, he said that the Chief Ministers sadly defending the unethical stand of the legislators in the garb of development which they claim attracting the other party MLAs.

Earlier, the party, which is running a minority government used to encourage defections by luring Opposition MLAs with power and position for its survival. But now, though the ruling parties are having overwhelming majority in the Assembly, they are keen on luring the Opposition MLAs which is not good for the democracy, he said.

A strong opposition is a must for a healthy democracy and to bring out the issues for solution and also protect the peoples' interests, he averred. In this connection, he said that the Speakers also acting in support of ruling party, instead taking action on the defectors, encouraging defection and sought a change in anti-defection. He said that the Law Commission should consider facourably to empower the Election Commission instead the Speaker taking action on the defectors, including disqualification of them to end fections in the country for the sake of strengthening democracy.

Former Speaker Agarala Eswar Reddy said that former prime minister was a Chankya and most important among the leaders who openly encouraged defection. He could manage to run his minority goernment to complete full term by promoting defection and also luring opposition MPs offering everying.

The recent Rajya Sabha elections also witnessed cross voting in many states but the parties due to loopholes in the anti-defection law failed to take action on the, he said adding that it is time that the NGOs including social organisations, concerned citizens and intellectuals join together to create awareness among people to build up pressure onpress the political parties unabled legislators indulged in such ethical means solely for their personal benefits.

Rayalaseema JAC leader and writer Bhuman said that it is shameful that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu himself promoting defection. Naidu who made a hue and cry over TRS chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao luring his party MLAs, indulging in the same unethical means forcing opposition MLAs join his party.

Senior Journalist Raghava Sarma said eliminating money power and caste ifluence will go a long way in electing right persons as legislators to stand against defections. A host of people, including former vice- chancellor K Venkat Reddy, retired professor V Chandramouliand others also spoke.

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