Science Fair by KBN College brings talent to fore

Science Fair by KBN College brings talent to fore

The three day science fair organised by KBN College is an eye opener to many corporate and other educational institutions


Vijayawada: The three-day science fair organised by KBN College is an eye opener to many corporate and other educational institutions.

It had made all the educational institutions to think on organising the science fairs and make it a regular practice.

The science fairs would bring out hidden creativity from the students and also create interest in other students.

The main attraction of the fare was Google Thalli created by K Siva Subramanyam, Sugar Production by Chandan Lal and his friends, Human Embryo by B Likhitha and G Rachana and many more.

The science exhibition attracted the students of all ages from various schools and colleges.

Hundreds of students thronged the science fair to witness the innovative and creative things displayed at the exhibition which was a good sign.

Most of the educational institutions are in a spree to dump bookish knowledge into the brains of the students.

Even parents should insist on the managements of the institutions to organise such fairs for the overall development of the students.

In the recent past Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC) was organising various skill development programmes to create skills among the youth.

The government has also announced that it would encourage talented youth with innovative thoughts. The students participated in the science fare would reap good results in the days to come.

The responsibility to encourage creativity and innovative thoughts of the students lies on the government, teachers, parents and the management of the institutions.

Most of the talented students are stuck in the private institutions and the government should recognise them through these fairs and encourage them by providing skill training.

VMC Commissioner J Nivas was the chief guest of the 3-day science fair after inaugurating it and later visited the exhibits which were displayed by the students of various departments of KBN College.

He congratulated all the participants on the occasion. He was accompanied by College president V Hemachandra Rao, secretary T Srinivas, the principal and others.

K Siva Subramanyam, B Sc 3rd year student, created a device ‘Google Thalli’, the electronic device is connected to google search engine and when a voice command is given, the device responds accordingly to the command with the details.

P Chandan Lal, Y Pavan, Naveen M, Roshni K and Saritha K of 2nd year B Sc, have developed a model for sugar production, from crushing the sugarcane till the end product, sugar is produced.

They have displayed all the various stages and process the sugarcane undergoes before sugar is produced which they displayed it under the guidance of faculty P Uma Rani.

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