Tips To apply lipstick

Tips To apply lipstick

Tips To Apply Lipstick. Add 3D Look To Your Red Lipstick

London: A slick of red lipstick can make you look more glamorous. Try layering several shades of red to create a 3D look.

Tips To Apply Lipstick
To get the look right, wear a lighter shade in the middle of the lips and blend out into darker in the corners as this will give the effect of fuller lips, reports
Even a simple one-colour red lip won't ever go out of fashion. It is a much more fuss-free look.
Here are some tips to apply lipstick well for a picture perfect pout.
1.Use an old toothbrush before you start to get rid of any dry skin on the lips. Then line the lips with a colour that’s similar or the same to the lipstick.
2.Use a brush to apply the lipstick for a better and more finished look, blot after the first and second layer to ensure maximum staying power.
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