Which celebrity's body shape do you have?

Which celebritys body shape do you have?

Which Celebrity's Body Shape Do You Have?.

Melbourne: Women's bodies fall into four categories - apple, pear, hourglass and tubular, according to a celebrity personal trainer.

Matt Roberts said Myleene Klass, Kate Winslet and Nigella Lawson, all embody hour glass figure, with their shapely chests, bottoms and slim waists, News.com.au reported.

He said that Cara Delevingne and Keira Knightley are the owners of Tubular shapes - small chest and bottom and little definition at the waistline.

Roberts asserted that Beyonce and Rihanna have pear shaped bodies with most weight on their bottoms and thighs.

He added that Catherine Zeta Jones, Melanie Griffith and Drew Barrymore are few of the celebs who have Apple shapes - a small bottom and have more fat around her torso and arms.

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