Athithi Tamil Movie Review, Athithi Film Rating. The much delayed Tamil flick Athithi hit theatres on Friday. Before we tell you the reasons to watch or not watch the movie, let's take a look at the production crew.

Athithi Tamil Movie Review 

Directed by Bharathan

Produced by  Spellbound Films Inc - KP Ramakrishnan Nair

Starring  Nandha, Nikesh Ram, Ananya

Music by  Bharathwaj, Ratheesh Vegha

Cinematography S Jai

Edited by Praveen K. L.


Here are things you must know before you book your tickets


The movie is remake of the Malayalam hit Cocktail.  The movie is touted to be a thriller


Plot: The protagonist is one of the key brains behind the success of a construction firm. He has rivals within and outside the office, jealous of his success. At home, he has a blissful life with his wife and daughter. But things go terribly wrong for the couple one fine morning, with a stranger, who asks for a lift in their car. For the first few minutes, the guest appears to be a naive mild guy but his tone changes soon and he begins to blackmail the couple, telling them that their daughter is kidnapped and with just one phone call from him the brand-new babysitter will kill her. They are forced to obey several bizarre instructions one after the other. First the weirdo asks them to withdraw the entire balance from their bank account in cash. Soon after the psycho sets fire to the currency notes in a suitcase and throws the whole thing into a river along with their wallets. He then proceeds to ask for more money, so the hero sells his wrist watch worth one hundred thousand rupees, for a sum of just Rs 6000. As the day progresses both the husband and wife are made to drive around and perform several tasks, including leaking the hero's company's business plans to their rival group, forcing him to bargain with a sex worker, etc. The weirdo also traps them in a sleazy lodge where he begins to remove wife's garments but stops short of proceeding further. At last, towards the late hours of the night, they reach the hero's boss's house. The hero is asked to shoot his boss if he wants to have his daughter returned alive. The hero enters the house and to his surprise finds his colleague there.


Part of the drama unveils to the audience now: it is the girl's house, and the weirdo is her husband, and the hero and his colleague have been having an extramarital affair. In the subsequent few minutes, we realise that all this was a drama plotted and enacted by the weirdo and the hero's wife, both deeply hurt by their partners' deceit, in order to teach their spouses about the pain they themselves went through.


what is the climax? How does the movie end? Watch the movie to find out more...


Check out the movie trailer to get a peek into the story

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