Shraddha was never approached for The Shaukeens

Shraddha was never approached for The Shaukeens

Shraddha Was Never Approached For The Shaukeens. Director Abhishek Sharma of Tere Bin Laden fame is kicked about the release of his next film The Shaukeens. In an exclusive rendezvous with Lipika Varma he answers a volley of queries boldly

Director Abhishek Sharma of Tere Bin Laden fame is kicked about the release of his next film The Shaukeens. In an exclusive rendezvous with Lipika Varma he answers a volley of queries boldly

How would you compare Akshay’s role to Mithun Da?

I must say that Akshay’s role in this film is better than (and I am saying purely in terms of writing and characterisation) Mithun Da’s role. If you see the Shaukeen Mithunda ‘s screen time, he is there throughout but he is hardly doing anything in the whole plot. He is completely inconsequential to the plot, unfortunately that is the only thing which was weak in the first narrative of the film. Otherwise it’s a great film it’s a classic. His character doesn’t have any arch; it doesn’t provide anything to the place. Whereas Akshay’s role is the major hook, he is the central premise once he comes on screen. And his character has a definite graph and his moments in the film; it drives the plot and the climax. If you take out his character out the film falls flat, so he is that important to the plot. I would say that quantity wise he doesn't not have much as Mithunda’s role but much better in quality and influence to the plot

On making “Shaukeens” which is a remake. How close is the plot to the original one?

Though, we are making a remake the story line is different. I think the basic story is same. As there are three old men after a young girl, this is undeniably the same. But characterization and plot is completely different.

Would you prefer making remakes exactly like the originals?

People who have seen the original will know it’s not a remake once they see the film. The basic premise is the same. However, we have done justice to the original. I am actual not been a fan of actual meaning of remake, there is not even a single scene or character taken from the original.

How would you define comedy for you?

I am a versatile director and do love to do versatile stuff. Comedy is not a language for me and not a genre so that is the only thing that should be similar because there are subgenre in comedy- Tere Bin Laden part I is a satire and second one is a farce and Shaukeen is coming of age, it’s like a buddy film. They are different sub genres of comedies and that is where my versatility lies.

What is the title of your sequel of Tere Bin Ladein?

The title of the sequel “TBN” is yet not been decided. We are yet to announce it officially. Along with Tere Bin Laden....there will be an addition of a tagline along side

What is the difference seen in your “Shaukeens?

You will see lots of original things in the film, directorially treatment wise you will see that I am trying to bring in many things. I honestly believe that my craft is better in this film than the first part because I have also evolved as a director and also proud of this film. And also the fact that Akshay Kumar is playing himself as Akshay Kumar. Undeniably, this is very big thing because this kind of a character you have never seen in bollywood films...It’s like, somebody making fun of himself in a such great way. It’s a great character and a special role for him.

What is that one thing in all your films?

In all the three films I am making I am using real life people like in Shaukeen Akshay is playing himself, In Tere bin Laden it was Osama and also in Tere bin laden part -2, it's again Osama and Obama as well. That is becoming kind of unique point about my film making till now. But I don’t know whether it will continue with my future films too or not. But these scripts demanded that - people who have worked with Akshayji or who have been good friends with I want to use them.

Tell us on what level you took over Direction for Shaukeens?

When I came in for this film they were writing the first draft on the project. Tigmanshu Dullia [Director/Writer] called me up and said you can do justice to this Shaukeens.Untill, that point of time that time, I was always wanting to write at least the story also.”TBL”-2 also I have not written fully. However, I always wanted to write and direct my own films. But I got excited because actors like -Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher were the part of this film. I also wanted to take up the challenge of directing this film.

Also, I loved the concept, As I thought, all the characters have been carved out very nicely the biggest hook was Akshay Kumar playing himself. Nevertheless, I did not prefer my ego of not having written the script also to come in-between my direction. Any ways, when I take the material there will be natural additional stuff automatically, as this comes along while directing a film.

Why did you choose Lisa in the lead?

I recommended her name to the producer and everyone including Akshay agreed that she’s brilliant. Shraddha Kapoor being considered is a rumor. And Nargis Fakhri could not do it because she was doing a Hollywood film.

Why Abhishek Bachchan makes a cameo

Because I liked his performance in Happy New Year. On a serious note, Akshay Kumar is playing himself, so people who are related to him do come in somewhere in his world. That’s why Abhishek, Kareena Kapoor and Sunil Shetty have also been featured.

Shaukeens stars Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Anu Kapoor, Lisa Haydon in importan roles.The film hit theatres on 8 November 2014.

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